Gamervision PAX 08: Eyes-On Velvet Assassin

GV reports:

''Our schedule at E3 was absolutely packed, with the Somethingcast crew running around the LA Convention Center like a bunch of idiots, jumping from appointment to appointment, trying to scribe the occasional article in-between. Because of this, we didn't have a chance to see much of Velvet Assassin, though we did have a meeting with Gamecock. I made sure not to make the same mistake twice, and during PAX Sean and I sat in on a demonstration of the World War II espionage title developed by Replay Studios. Walking past a lovely lady dressing the part we were escorted into a small room, surrounded by the madness of the show floor, and had a chance to see the game played as one of the developers walked us through what was going on.

Inspired by WW2 heroine Violette Szabo, the story follows secret-agent Violette Summer as she uses stealth to take down the Germans from behind enemy lines. The actual game is taking place inside of her head as she lies in a hospital bed, slowly revealing more of her past and explaining her current situation. I actually got the chills at the end of the demo, where it transposed her running through the halls of an exploding corridor to her running down the halls of the hospital, giddy that game developers are finally feeling brave enough to explore creatively with videogame cut scenes. From time, Violette finds syringes of morphine which she can use to enter "Morphine Mode," where she is able to quickly dispatch of enemies. It's a creative way to give the character a special, unrealistic ability without breaking away from the game's otherwise realistic appearance, taking advantage of the storyteller's hospitalized condition.''

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