Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Jumpgate Evolution

GV reports:

''Early Saturday morning my schedule had me jumping from Champions Online to Warhammer Online, followed by Jumpgate Evolution; needless to say I was beginning to grow tired of MMORPGs by the end of the trek. Luckily, although being my last stop, the developers at NetDevil didn't need to try and sell me on their game; it was love at first sight. After being burnt by Star Wars Galaxies glitchy space gameplay and confused by EVE Online's steep learning curve I was ready to give another chance to the starry beyond and it looks like Jumpgate Evolution is ready to deliver.

The first thing that sets it apart from its competition in the outer-space MMOscene is the graphics, which appear to be mostly finished. Shiny metal on the surface of large, rocky meteorites glow and space dust radiates the nearest sun's rays. Despite being set in space, there were bright and vibrant areas to explore, and the game's impressive graphics engine can be held up against most next-generation titles'.''

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