Kickstarter Game of the Week - System Shock Remastered

Nathaniel Liles writes: "System Shock Remastered is our Kickstarter Game of the Week this week, and how could it not be?"

quent2904d ago

Need to here Shodan's voice, need my fixxssssssszzzzzzzz

Yui_Suzumiya2904d ago

Extremely impressive work from such a small team. Can't wait for the finished product.


System Shock Remake Review - Gaming Respawn

Gaming Respawn reviews System Shock

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Playstation Country - System Shock – Playstation 5 Review

Michael Kitchin writes, "As someone who really likes the original, this new take on System Shock doesn't stray too far from the source. Nightdive have updated the visuals and made things just a little more friendly for new players. Visually, it's very atmospheric and polished. The interface can initially be tricky to read but combat feels punchy and can be tactical. The conveniences are welcome but it still has one foot in the clunky possibility space of 90's PC gaming. Rather than entirely sand off the things that appeal to me about System Shock, it refines them in a way I really admire."

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System Shock returns, remade for Xbox and PlayStation

System Shock returns to Xbox and PlayStation with a faithful recreation of the classic, adding new features, ending and 4K 60FPS visuals

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mastershredder30d ago

It was remade last year for PC , Now released and OPTIMIZED and PORTED for/to Xbox and PS5, not “remade” just for consoles.

“it follows a critically acclaimed release on PC back in 2023” that’s because it’s the same work/game. it’s not following/follow up or a continuation. Author Sounds like they are taking a stab at an article and don’t know the product-line lineage and release history/ hierarchy they are attempting to inform you about.

More appropriately: System Shock was first rereleased in 2023 on PC, System shock is now available on PS5 and Xbox.