Game Focus: Shattered Suns Review

Game Focus writes: "Being a huge fan of independent games, 4X and Real Time Strategy Games and major space game geek I wanted to love Shattered Suns more because this is the type of game I love to play and waste hundreds of hours on, but Shattered Suns is a huge disappointment for me on many levels from its user interface, the way it tells the story and lack of graphical achievement it appears to be a game that is overly ambitious in design compared to the development teams talent. Although the game is not a complete loss because you do have some worthwhile gameplay elements to it, not many but they are there and perhaps with a major patch or two the game would be worth while.

Battling enemy fleets in some large space battles, exploring unknown space, forging alliances, building a fleet to wage a massive war that you have already lost is the basic premise to one of the most overly ambitious and complex titles gamers have seen in years."

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