Videogamer GTI Club+ Hands-on Preview

Videogamer reports:

''There are some titles from your gaming past that slip from memory, for whatever reason lost in a mass of video game highs and lows. One such title was Konami's street racing arcade title GTI Club, which out of nowhere was shunted back into our concious shortly before Games Convention 2008 when Konami booked us in for a hands-on play session. Suddenly we were filled with memories of rally cars racing around a free-roaming city environment - which back in the mid '90s was somewhat of a revolutionary feature. Skip forward to 2008 and Burnout is the king of the open-word racer, so is there any space for for Konami's Sumo Digital developed PSN title, GTI Club+.

PSN has certainly raised the bar in terms of what gamers expect from downloadable console titles, and thankfully Sumo doesn't appear to have disappointed with its hugely enhanced port of the arcade classic. Going into the demo we were expecting something akin to a high resolution PlayStation game, so were pleasantly surprised to be presented with a racer which certainly doesn't look out of place on the current crop of consoles. The game's been in development for around a year and is looking very sharp, with 720p visuals and a solid 60 frames per second promised for its November 2008 release. Audiophiles will also be pleased to hear that Sumo has created a new 5.1 audio mix for the game, including a remix of the coin-op's music by Atjazz.''

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