Katsuhiro Harada was forced to delete his Tekken 7 bikini joke?

I (Robin Ek, TGG) was quite surprised to see that so many people got upset over one single "Tekken 7" bikini joke by Katsuhiro Harada (we might not even get bikini costumes in the West...). Well, this is my take on the matter.

NotEvenMyFinalForm2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Same thing happened to Tecmo and DoAX3 yet they don't want to admit that there is a censorious cabal in the west that many call Sjw's. This is just more prove that no matter how much they want to deny it Sjw's are a thing and they do exist.

Just take a look at the twitter of this dude from IGN. https://twitter.com/cymroga...

He is mad.

TGG_overlord2908d ago

Exactly! And more and more Japanese developers are telling it like it is (the real reason behind why some of them don´t even bother with the West anymore, or why they are forced to censor their own games). Ah yes. IGN´s Gav, what a nice lad he is...Any ways. I´m going to update the post just now, since more stuff has happened since I published that post.

Simon_the_sorcerer2907d ago

I have a feeling that the Western version of "Tekken 7" will be censored on release.

donthate2907d ago

I'm fanning the flames here, but why shouldn't this cr@p be left out of gaming?

The game will still be great without bikini clad women intended to appeal to pubescent kids. Japan does a lot of great things, but this simply isn't one of them.

rainslacker2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Maybe if enough of them keep mentioning it, gamers will finally get fed up enough to become a louder minority than the SJW do, and actually try to convince these devs that we want this kind of stuff, or at least some of the stuff that we do want.

For the most part, when it comes to being an activist to get our voices heard outside of forums, we don't do that, and the SJW types do. They know how to work the social media aspect better, and make it so even the non-gamers suddenly care about it because it's tantilizing. We say we want it, and we're accused of being perverts. They say they don't, and they're praised as being saints.

personally, I'd prefer these game developers start listening more to their consumer base, and stop thinking they can grow their sales if they cave to the whims of a easily triggered society which will simply forget about whatever scandal-du-jour happens to cross their plate long before the game ever releases, and won't actually do anything beyond a tweet or maybe a rogue article decrying the travesty of it all the day it releases.

Sadly, what I said above is something that even gamers can't manage to do, and they will complain about it, but not go to any lengths to actually try and get it. Our voices can be louder, but we choose to bicker and blame the SJW.

Me, I will go to a publishers forum or send them an email requesting they simply release the game the way it was meant to be, because as a paying customer, that is what I want. Believe it or not, it's actually gotten to the point that I have a kind of form letter saved on my computer to make it easier. Sad...ineffective...but at least it's more than complaining about it on the forums, only to forget about it when the next article about what can trigger the fan boy wars crops up.

So, my point is. We don't have to beat the SJW. Let them have their say. We just have to be louder in what we say so the publishers and devs will start to notice their customers, and not someone who targets them to place all the worlds problems on.

How about you(Robin Ek, TGG) actually do an article on what gamers can do to stop this crap, instead of just saying that it's happening? Lead a movement that actually achieves something. Being informed is great, but it doesn't mean anything if people don't do stuff with that knowledge. Gamers are terribly complicit in so many things, but get them riled up enough, and they can make a difference. See X1 DRM policies for examples.

Simon_the_sorcerer2907d ago

Gav is full of bs, and if you have the time for it. Then check out some of his previous tweets and whatnot...

Hold_It2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Good thing Tekken 7 is going to be on PC as well as PS4, and Xbox.. Someone will make mods on PC to bring the game back to what it was supposed to be.

Deadpooled2907d ago

A nobody IGN journo calling the developer of one of the most influential fighting series ever 'garbage' (or probably he (and I use that pronoun very loosely) was with Kotaku before they were bought by the owner of IGN Ziff Davis? Would explain why the serial SJW disease has been floating around IGN in recent weeks)

donwel2907d ago

That first comment though.

Segata2907d ago

What kind of shithead is named Gav anyway? Why doe she look homeless if he works at IGN?

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fei-hung2907d ago

It feels like SJWs like him hope that by talking shit they will get laid out be seen as the saviour of all these helpless women. What they don't get is women are fully capable of standing up for themselves, they are perfectly capable of getting a joke and they don't act like an idiot like these SJWs do.

IamTylerDurden12907d ago

I can't wait to play as Akuma and to play in PSVR.

Warpaint2907d ago

Wow, that guy is such a douche. And I don't toss that word around. Someone set his beard on fire!

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TGG_overlord2908d ago

***UPDATE 1***
IGN´s Gav Murphy trash talks Tekken 7 & Katsuhiro Harada http://thegg.net/opinion-ed...

ZaWarudo2907d ago


gamer78042907d ago

This is extremely unprofessional on IGN's part. This is now gaming news, maybe they should feature this on their site... It's this kind of talk that makes me never want to visit their site again. Regardless of how you feel you just don't make personal attacks like that.

OB1Biker2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Agreed that was pathetic.
Was he drunk or what?

I realized long ago how useless iGN guys are and not wasting my time there. Its as if they mirror their comment section XD

Dixiedevil2907d ago

I stopped going there quite a while ago. They're more about a SJW agenda than games.

Deadpooled2907d ago

Well the parent company did acquire Kotaku recently....

rainslacker2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

On the plus side, twitter has been known to ruin many people's careers when they decide to use it to speak from the hip. He probably thought he was being funny, but it's amazing how quickly that can turn around to bite someone in the ass.

Unfortunately for him in this case, I can't see how his tweet could be considered as a joke. Even if it was a joke, it was extremely unprofessional for a gaming publication. This is a guy who is supposed to be reporting on the industry, and he's already proven bias beyond doubt. He's supposed to be there to serve the interest of the readers and community in providing accurate information, not personal opinions on who he thinks is a good or bad game developer. You just don't insult stalwarts of the gaming industry while working for a publication of that industry like that and expect to get away without a scratch....although that seems like it happens more and more lately...which is utterly pathetic and shows a marked lack of respect from the publications that put up with it.

Sadly, if IGN does something about it, they'll just get attacked for being misogynistic sexist pigs....which in itself is stupid, but that's the cancer that has infected our community and press as of late.

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MainstreamGamer2907d ago

SJWs are the scum of any industry they are in. I don't understand why developers cave in to very loud minority like them.

annoyedgamer2907d ago

Why would someone half a world away delete a tweet because a hipster got mad? That's my question.

DragonDDark2907d ago

Because that girl may send more SJWs to him? Lol