There is currently 28 Free Games on Xbox One

Today XboxOneUK are going to look at some of the free games currently available to download on Xbox One right now. Being a member of Xbox Live Gold brings a whole host of benefits, from online gaming, massive discounts on games in the Xbox Store and of course the ever popular Games With Gold which currently sees those with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions receiving not one, not two, not three but FOUR games for free every month (two Xbox One titles and two Xbox 360 titles). It’s the free games available through Xbox Live that we’re going to focus on here. Obviously some month the Games with Gold are of an outstanding quality and other months they feel like a let down, but they’re still free so let’s not complain too much. However, what about those free games that aren’t part of the Games with Gold programm? What about those titles, the ones that sit patiently in the background, waiting to be noticed and downloaded? There are a whole host of them! A lot more than many people,

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Nolando2634d ago

I am playing DCU on and off, its pretty cool. I just dont have the time to download and try every FTP game that tries to nickel and dime me.

is there any games on this list people may recommend? Neverwinter has caught my eye every now and than but idk if its worth it...

DarkBlaze252634d ago

Neverwinter is a pretty fun game imho. Wouldn't hurt for you to give it a go.

creeping judas2634d ago

Neverwinter is definitely not a pay 2 win game. You can play it, without ever spending a dime. Does things like limited inventory space get a bit tiresome after a while? Yes it can, but can convert astral diamonds to Zen, if you don't mind a bit of a grind, and buy new bags to increase your storage capacity. The rest is pretty much cosmetic, if you want something flashier than your standard horse for a mount, you kind of need to spend RL money to get one. I have over 18days played on the X1, and have only spent $20.00 of RL money on the game.

Bobafret2634d ago

My backlog is getting huge, wish I had more time to game. By the way, it's "there are", not "there is".

Captain_J_Sheridan2634d ago

Wouldn't that title be "There are"?

Bobafret2634d ago

Not technically since I was using it in the middle of a sentence. Nice try though.

mkis0072633d ago

Well you were quoting so the Capital would have been okay in the middle of a sentence... :)

yomfweeee2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Nm weeee

Trekster_Gamer2634d ago

Mass Effect 2 ID the top of my backwards compatible list.... I wish Bioware would make it available!

sammarshall1022633d ago

Mass Effect 2 is what I need too but I wouldn't be mad if they included it with Mass Effect 4 for free or all of the previous Mass Effect games like what Gears of War 4 is doing

ShadowKnight2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

pay wall in a lot of these games. But solid list.

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