Red Dead Redemption pre-load available, multiplayer DLC free - MSPoweruser

Red Dead Redemption (which becomes available on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility tomorrow) is now available for pre-load on your Xbox One. This news comes via ICXM, who received a tip. Additionally, the game’s multiplayer DLC is now free.

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DragonbornZ1854d ago

Nice, will buy it now then.
Pretty sweet multiplayer dlc is free too. Will help its online playerbase.

Concertoine1854d ago

Too bad the online has been glitched for years now. Free dlc is the least rockstar could do. I miss this game 's multiplayer to death.

DragonbornZ1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

What do you mean glitched? Like lag? Disconnects?
The MP really looks to be have been something special. Hopefully the online works well and the population gets back up some.

SonyWarrior1853d ago

he means glitched as you can explot and cheat real easy no one on ps3 is legit any way i went on there like 6 months ago people invisible and stuff like that i actually some how went invisible my self and started ranking up alot im not sure how it happened

Concertoine1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

If you haven't seen yet, basically there's an exploit planted in the servers for the game where a hidden mass of NPC's all spawn in one area. This prevents gang hideouts from spawning, the ability to see other players, or even for your mount to spawn a lot of the time. You can't even play poker or liar's dice anymore.

Only way to fix is to get together a private lobby.

And Rockstar has done nothing to fix it for a while now, hopefully they'll fix it now with the BC crowd. Certainly didn't stop them from selling it.

Hold_It1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Can someone approve this before the DLC might not be free anymore?

Summons751853d ago

Tomorrow? It was made available today.

Hold_It1853d ago

I submitted the article last night, but it didn't get approved till a few hours ago.

1853d ago
Clown_Syndr0me1853d ago

Multiplayer is broken. 25 mins to get into free roam, there was no one in it. Loaded up the character customisation thing...or tried to. Quit the fame after 9 mins of loading. In total about 35 mins I managed to take one step.

ShadowKnight1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

You're right about 25 mins to get into free roam. It actually took me longer than that.

meche3341853d ago

I was watching this stream last night. He said start in single player then pause then start multiplayer in a private match. Then go public and then if you see duplicate npc's kill them because they overfill the ram and then players and animals etc, cant load in thats why your stuck loading into free roam

Clown_Syndr0me1852d ago

But we should be able to just enter a game from main menu no problem. What was the point in working on getting it to support BC if they haven't even fixed the damn game. It's totally broken.

1853d ago