Star Ocean The Last Hope an Xbox 360 exclusive?

PlayStation 3 owners were hoping Star Ocean: The Last Hope might be an Xbox 360 timed exclusive, but according to the manual that came with Infinite Undiscovery, the game will only be released on the Xbox 360.

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Omega44330d ago

The likely hood of this going to the PS3 is the same as FFvsXIII going to the 360

Nomura loves the the PS3 while Tri-ace loves the 360 but Square Enix love making money so dont expect them to stay exclusive for long

VsAssassin4330d ago

Well Nomura loves the Sony brand, that I can imagine why VsXIII might not be released to the 360. But Tri-ace has been cradled by Sony even in the very beginning of the psone, what gives them the reason not to love the PS3?

Omega44330d ago

Well if you want to talk about the past then, what about SE taking the FF franchise away from nintedo the console what saw its birth.

Times change and so do peoples opinions on consoles and since tri-ace is making 2 exclusive 360 games i think its say to say they've moved on from Sony just like SE did with Nintendo

Dark General4330d ago

Just putting this out there. But why would they say it was coming to the competitions console in the manual of a 360 exclusive game? Not to mention that it's been only announced for 360 so far. Just saying man, these companies are in it to make $ and putting their game on both consoles probably nets them more cash.

4330d ago
Dark General4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

It's funny you say that because i can't stand JRPG's (and i'm not big on FPS's either). RPG's don't appeal to me in general (Oblivion, KOTOR, FF etc). I could care less if Star Ocean ended up on the Ps3. I just think that this particular title will eventually come to Ps3. Hell i never even had a Ps1 and my favorite system of all time is the Dreamcast (criminally under rated system).

edit: I actually love the Dreamcast controller. The triggers was awesome, the dpad was good and it had good button layouts and wasn't too heavy. I disliked that i had to buy the rumble pack and VMU but even those were pretty cool. The Xbox and 360 controller reminds me alot of the Dreamcast controller in fact. Sony and Sega teaming up would have probably been good but i do miss the quirky titles the dreamcast had. So many obscure but good titles. Games like those aren't made anymore unfortunately, too big of a risk for game companies now a days.

thereapersson4330d ago

Criminally underrated, you are damn right about that. The controller, on the other hand sucked ASS.

If only Sega and Sony would have teamed up together, instead of working against one another, we could have had the best of both worlds.

La Chance4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

To be honest since its a 3rd party dev there isnt 100% it will stay an exclusive.

I really thought FF13 going multiplat would put an end to the "BUT THEY SAID ITS AN EXCLUSIVE" argument when it comes to 3rd party exclusives no matter if its a PS3 or 360 exclusive.

The same people in here saying that SO4 will come to PS3 are the very same ones saying that FFversus will never come to 360.Wheres the logic ?

CrazzyMan4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Enchanted Arms and Dead Rising - ONLY on x360 -

Anyway, you are FREE to believe, whatever makes you happy. =)
But soon or later, it will be hard for Japanese developers ignore PS3 userbase in Japan.

EDIT: For those who disagree, what`s up? =)) You disgaree with FACTS, or this hurts your feelings that much, that you can`t stand these FACTS? =)) Well, you can disagree as much as you want, THIS won`t change the Reality. =)))

gaffyh4330d ago

Why don't we wait and see how much both games (IU and SO4) sell? I'm pretty sure that if they don't sell too well, Tri-Ace will seriously consider putting the games on PS3. Unless MS paid them for an exclusivity contract.

UltimateIdiot9114330d ago

The reason FF shifted to PS1 was because of the cartridge size limitation not because Squaresoft decided to go where the money flow. Back then, Squaresoft had progress in mind. Now that's SE, it has money in mind.


You guys know this has nothing to do with love but with development costs or are you all just that pathetic? tri-Ace has been with Sony for years, not because of love too, but because Sony have leaded the market (MORE MONEY), so has they been with Ninty on portable gaming.

In Japan, those actual crap (sorry, not my cup opf tea) SRPGs on PS3 sell BETTER than real JRPG on 360. It's pretty obvious that other than MS payola or high development costs on PS3 (which is more likely for Star Ocean, since 3rd one was not a selling success, Square would not totally fund them for PS3 high costs, nor would MS for a exclusive that won't sell that much) there isn't much reason to stay away from PS3 in the land of rising sun if you like money and if you can stand costs.

Maybe they can't do a PS3 version now, maybe they'll never do one because of cost, I don't know, but for sure this has nothing to do with "love"... ¬¬'

power of Green 4330d ago

LOL at all this speculation, the devs said no PS3 version is planned they said they would possibly talk about it later on.

All this false hope because the dude added his opinion with the supposed proof this is a 360 exclusive.

theKiller4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

well i think its is the last JRPG exclusive coming from 3rd party Devs!!
by the time of the release of SO4 the install base of ps3 will be more than 360 and the attached rate will be higher also because its not hacked system like 360!

theKiller4329d ago

than 360 exclusives since its the weaker system!!

i mean MGS4 cant be done the way its done on 360, yes it is possible to make a port but it will lack in many many things of ps3 version!

same will be for FFv13, about FF13 well we r still to see the port to the 360, we cant judge it from now but if SE wanted to make FF13 a good game and make a lot of money from it they should use a lot of ps3 features like BLUE RAY and cells, so if they do that i think they will have trouble with the 360 version, but i guess 360 fans will be still happy with dumped down version of FF13 but strangely they r shooter fans!!!

any way FF13 and v13 both build on the white engine which is designed to make games on both ps3 and 360, so i wont be surprised if they end up on 360, but it will be the dumped versions!! i mean come on how can a 50GB games be released of 360 DVD9?? not even 4 DVDs can take it! they will need more like 6 DVD, which i never saw a game with that many DVDs, simple its not efficient for either MS or square enix!!

unfinite undiscovery suppose to be THE game that will move japanese market but it failed, tales of xxxxx also supposed to make a huge difference and it did for only 1 week, star ocean will do it for a week or 2 then the same, FF will not do it because its exclusive for ps3 in japan and in the world its attached more to playstation than xbox!! so it will make most effect on ps3, and by the time it arrives to ps3 the install base will be equal or surpassed the 360 one!

MNicholas4329d ago

The developers know that this will not sell well on the 360. It's been proven time and again that 360 owners have no interest whatsoever in such games.

That's why Microsoft paid off the developer to prevent this and other similar titles from being available on other consoles.

AAACE54329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

A lot of people made some very interesting points which were great... and then some people made the same old fanboy comments you would expect on here.

But Crazzyman... I understand your love for the Ps3, but in japan, 360 is at like 700K-800K, Ps3 is at 2-3 million. But the Wii, DS and PSP are the major sellers which garner all the attention in japan. Ps3 is a great system, but alot of developers seem like they are stuck making games that are low cost with graphics a bit better than Ps2's.

Ps3 will take off the way you said... but it probably won't happen until the smaller developers can afford to make the kinds of games you would expect on a system as powerful as Ps3!

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VsAssassin4330d ago

Nothing... I can't even begin to think of the words I want to say.

Fishy Fingers4330d ago

"confirmed" and then they proceed to contradict their evidence.

kazuma4330d ago

yeah, that was awesome lol

Idonthatejustcreate4330d ago

We just have to accept that in Japan buissness comes first and foremost. Who cares if your fans have to buy a console for hundreds of dollars just to pay an extra buck for that game they've been playing and following for years.


leyego4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

lol your funny
no matter how good the xbox gets, no matter how many of my fav jrpgs go to it only, no matter what happens, id wont buy the 360.
1) its cheap as hell, 199 for a GOOD console not the craptastic arcade ver.
and 2) the most important, theres a modchip for it.
(props to MS for including the 360 with an outdate DVD player)

theres no way im going to buy old software at 29.99 each when i can get a modchip for 100 bucks and get every game i want free. ya im looking at u lost odyssey, halo 3, fable 2, star ocean and every other AAA game that comes out for the xbox.

SkyGamer4330d ago

It is people like you why video games are so expensive in the first place. Windows would only cost 20 bucks if NO ONE pirated it. If everyone legitly paid for software, prices wouldn't be that ridiculous.

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Jandre024330d ago

They can mess around worth no name JRPG's like LO and Infinite Undiscovery, but Star Ocean is too big of an RPG to blow on the 360 since the 360 doesn't move RPGs.

I would say behind Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, this is squares biggest RPG and if it was only on the 360 they could kiss any chance of over 200,000 sales of this game goodbye in Japan, while they would receive nearly 1,000,000 just by releasing it on the PS3 in that region.

Fox014330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

they probably thought about that... But Microsoft gave them a check to cover their loss.

Microsoft is really doing a great this gen; without this tactic, 360 (only) owners would've never dreamed of playing games like FFXIII, GTA IV... Keep it up Microsoft. I guess this is one of the reasons we're paying for LIVE.

Jandre024330d ago

Covering sales of this game on the PS3 while covering more damage to Sony and Squares relationship AND causing a rift between them and Japanese gamers yet again?

LOL. Yeah, I think Microsoft would be paying at least 40 million to get this game exclusive.

Putting it on the Xbox360 exclusively is like signing the game away to death. Not one JRPG has broken 1,000,000 WW yet. Its pathetic.

That happens only for crappy IPs like I said, never the good ones.

Vistrix4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

If Star Ocean remains a 360 exclusive, Ill lose all respect for Tri Ace.

The fans are Playstation owners. Star Ocean has a huge following in Japan. If it remains a 360 exclusive its going to fail.

VsAssassin4330d ago

I found how MS got the FFXIII game onto their side impressive, but this game should be treated differently. FF is a behemoth, SO on the other hand, while always demonstrated a good battle system, is still unknown to many others, except people in Japan.

I know MS is wishing this game will make their system even more popular in Japan, but in my personal opinion, this won't happen. That's why Sony let FFXIII be multiplat, knowing that they still have Japan as it's main audience when it comes to the FF brand.