Cover revealed for Limitless Sky: No Man's Sky Discovery Guide

The cover has been revealed for the upcoming strategy guide, Limitless Sky: No Man’s Sky Discovery Guide.

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ArchangelMike1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

This is one game where the "Discovery Guide" can ruin that sense of exploration and discovery that Hello Games is trying to leverage. Yeah I'd rather discover the secrest this game holds on my own

PGRfox1741d ago

True, but the book is only 128pgs, how much can it really reveal? I mean there are 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets to discover, and who knows how many species.

ArchangelMike1741d ago

Yeah, but it will reveal things like planet types, chemical combinations and crafting combinations, alien languages, alien races, ship types, factions etc etc... I want to go in completely dark. It's also why I'll be avoiding the reviews for this game like a plague. I can't count how many games got ruined for me because I believed a random guys opinion on what a game should be like.

medman1741d ago

In addition the guide will probably include tips on how to get to the center of the universe, the "end game" as it were, the most quickly. Which for me defeats the purpose of the game and exploration, but many players may want to know that information and might buy the guide because of it. I know for myself, if the world I get put on initially is interesting and has life on it, I'm going to stay on it awhile exploring and figuring stuff out, before heading into space.

medman1741d ago

Please...keep seacrest out of this.

ironcrow23861741d ago

forget the discovery guide, I'm eager to see what the trophy list looks like