Miyamoto: Pikmin 4 IS Happening

Remember that new Pikmin game announced back in 2015? Apparently, it's still being worked on, as confirmed by the series creator.

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derkasan1748d ago

Be kind of cool to see what they do with Pikmin 4 on the NX.

dead_pixels1748d ago

I enjoyed the hell out of Pikmin 3, so this is definitely welcome news as far as I'm concerned.

BullyMangler1748d ago

Pikmin 2 GAMECUBE had a real looking Avocado to collect, and other photorealistic collectibles, putting that hardware to really good use.

What of pikmin for NX ?

Metallox1748d ago

Speaking of Pikmin 2, we need a sequel that improves upon the ideas introduced by this game. Pikmin 3 is excellent as it is, but I'd like to see caves again.

Fullmetalevolust1748d ago

Woohoo, this title is very innovative and overall fun, what an amazing universe they created. Good to see other titles than Mario thrive ( I do love the Mario games), more of Splatoon for NX and Xenoblade, Fire emblem. I am sad not to have seen a major Fire Emblem game for the WiiU, I do hope for a release on the NX. Although Conquest has been amazing.

Digital_Anomaly1748d ago

Better late than never I say!

MrMagz1748d ago

Didn't he say early last year that the game was pretty much already done? So what does he mean by "it has been hard to kind of fit that into that list", unless it was originally a 3DS/WiiU game and he had to start over from scratch for the NX.

The 10th Rider1748d ago

He may have meant that conceptually the game was already done, and they had the assets to reuse from Pikmin 3. Meaning everything was there (done) and they just had to put it together.

Either way I imagine it was moved to NX. I'm sure that added to the things to do. I'd honestly be glad if it was. Even though I own a Wii U, the NX could use some heavy hitters early on to show that Nintendo is serious about getting games out for it.

TheColbertinator1748d ago

Hopefully its a launch title for NX

dead_pixels1748d ago

Honestly, that's exactly what I see happening.

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The story is too old to be commented.