CoD4: Double XP weekend detailed

CVG: Free up your weekend for some speedy ranking-up.

Infinite Ward has said to expect a double XP (experience points) weekend for Call of Duty 4 on the weekend of September 12-14.
A Double XP weekend basically means that, during a limited period, all XP earned during online games is doubled, allowing you to scream up the ranks real quickly and unlock some of those much-needed perks.

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caffman3886d ago

It looks like its back to war again!

AAACE53886d ago

If they really want more people to plan time to show up for this... then they need to release the map pack free of charge!

Spydiggity3886d ago

another idea stolen from Halo. the COD series is just so original.

Tabasco3885d ago

Shut up with all this halo stealing crap. Halo was not the first game to do most of these things and frankly nobody [email protected] cares. Just drop it, we all know you like halo so there is no need to spam every comment section with this [email protected]

Spydiggity3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

the only reason why i might avoid telling the truth is just so i don't have to read moron comments like that one.

COD lost its top spot, they are trying to get it back so they are stealing double xp weekend which halo has been doing for a long time. unfortunately for COD, halo also mixes up the style each weekend, so one weekend is grifball, one is shotty sniper, etc...

you got a problem with halo? TOUGH! don't leave general statements meant to insult me. and since your claim is that all my comments say ppl are ripping off halo, you obviously haven't read my comments. although there have been many situations where it's obvious. and i wasn't the one who originally said Resistance is a halo knock off (which is the only other halo comment i've made), my ps3 fanboy friend said that when he was taking it back to EB the day after he bought it.

Fishy Fingers3886d ago

New easy way to get a few more ranks up. Might encourage me to throw a little more time at CoD4 because at the moment I'm totally hooked on WarHawk again >_<

AAACE53886d ago

Is Warhawk really that good? When I do pick up a Ps3 I know I will buy MGS 4 and Heavenly sword. But I was looking at Warhawk as a possible title as well!

Fishy Fingers3886d ago

Warhawk is fantastic. I was really hooked back when it first released but with bigger titles like CoD4 or Heavenly Sword or GTA etc I kind of left it by the side lines.

About a week or so ago I decided to give it another spin thanks to the trophy support and new updates and I'm hooked once more. Gameplay is up there with another title, it's bundles of fun to play, they are hordes of opinions/gameplay modes. Dedicated servers, good clan support, 32 player etc etc

It a solid, enjoyable game that for it's price, I believe is currently unrivalled. My recommendation would be to buy it.

Dark General3886d ago

I agree with Fishy. Warhawk was the game that single handedly got me interested in Online gaming and made me stop looking down on it. The game really is that good. Specially with the new booster pack with the jetpacks. It really breathes new life into Warhawk. I was the same way as Fishy when it came out, i was addicted to it. Then Assassins Creed and Uncharted came out and ate up most of my time. Then i played TF2 and got incredibly hooked on that as well. I say Warhawk is definitely a good game, you should pick it up.

redgaurd3886d ago

dont get a ps3 without it!

felidae3886d ago


get this game. it´s still one of the best online games ever. graphics are great and the gameplay is fluid.

i think it´s the best online game after COD4 and Resistance

Homicide3886d ago

Warhawk is awesome. There is always lots of epic moments in that game. At first, you'll hate it because you're gonna get owned a lot. But after you get the hang of it, you'll start loving it. With expansions and trophies, Warhawk keeps on getting better and better.

solidt123885d ago

I hear you there man. I am a Warhawk addict right now, but I am down for a little COD4 for a few hours next weekend. Oh wait! SOCOM Confrontation Beta will be going on also and Im in it. I guess we will just have to see if I have time.

iHEARTboobs3885d ago

and started playing it yesterday. It's fun. I need to get better though. Flying the warhawk is fun as well as being a ground soldier. I still play COD4 so i'm sure i'll be switching back and forth between the two. Once i get better at warhawk i'm sure i'll buy the booster pack. :)

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nos4speed3886d ago

Meh I stopped caring about xp months ago, I dont even bother with prestige I prefer to keep my unlocks. And yea gotta agree with you peeps, Warhawk is an epicly amazing game, its a game that no matter what happens you can always go back to and it has a great team supporting it with new add ons for free as well as pack to pay for, warhawk keeps evolving and I think it will continue to for a long time.

Nevers3885d ago

I never did it again... Totally not worth giving up all the goodies IMHO and I could care less about that insignia... don't really know if I'll be taking advantage of this cuz I'm just playing other games these days.

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