Nvidia GTX 1060 officially unveiled for $249

Nvidia has finally unveiled their RX480 killer to go up against AMD’s RX480, competition is tough here with the competitive pricing of the GTX 1060. The GTX 106o is meant to go head to head with AMD’s RX480 for the sub-$300 market.

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2pacalypsenow2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

I read it doesn't support SLI

Timesplitter142901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

I have dual 970s in SLI right now and I can safely say it was a huge mistake. SLI is almost always a mistake. It very often doesn't change anything at all, or only increases performance by like 15-20%. It's not worth the money

From now on I'll always just get the best single GPU I can buy for the price I would've paid for two cards in SLI

FlyingFoxy2901d ago

Agree, only issue is that people using 4k won't have much choice if they want better performance because it's not great.. then again anyone who cares about performance will be going with a high hz monitor and 1080p/1440p anyways.

Nathan_Hale532901d ago

SLI is made for only a few games, just turn it off, which is very easy, for the others. Some games see massive improvements.

Kapella2901d ago

Im sorry but you have no idea what youre talking about. Ive ran 580s in sli and now 2x 980tis. You gain way over 15-20% (where did you get this number from?) and 90% of games support it.

FPSFox2900d ago

I did SLI back in the 600 series... Never again.

Pixelart2900d ago

That's total BS. I had 980 SLI and got excellent scaling. If anything waiting longer and longer for actual driver profiles is what turned me off.
I suspect you never bothered to update your drivers or were CPU limited.

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Hydrolex2901d ago

Nvidia is just destroying AMD in every aspect. They revealed 1070 1080 but didn't mention a thing about 1060 until AMD revealed 480, then they dropped the bomb...good ol strategy

TXIDarkAvenger2901d ago

Too early to say IMO. We don't have benchmarks/reviews for the 1060 and I can assure you this card will not release at $249, more like $300 based on the release of the 1070/1080 cards.

Eonjay2901d ago

Not really. I mean AMD has managed to lower the cost for consumers across the board no matter what vendor you want to purchase from.

cooksauce2901d ago

I will continue to buy AMD just to shut you fanboys up

hiredhelp2901d ago

Nvidia is just destroying AMD in every aspect. They revealed 1070 1080 but didn't mention a thing about 1060 until AMD revealed 480, then they dropped the bomb...good ol strategy.

Amd released there mid range card they've yet release low end or there high end..

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ShadowKnight2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

@2pac The 1080 is an awesome card. I am really enjoying it!!

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Cweed2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

For me SLI has sucked hard. I picked up a second 980ti about a month before the 1080 was launched. I've had so many problems it's been really annoying. I expected a lot more out of it. Luckily I used EVGA so they are letting me step up to Gtx 1080 superclocked acx 3.0 card for no extra charge. I'd rather have one 1080 than two 980tis in most situations. However I will say that for some games it was excellent. Like battlefield 4, and battlefront both ran at 144 fps at 1440p on my ROG swift. But other games like the division were a crash fest.

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TXIDarkAvenger2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Looks like the leaked specifications were correct.

edit* Well, I mean for the most part.

GeeksULTD2901d ago

Leaked specs also suggested 3GB of VRAM, turns out 6GB of VRAM only

Movefasta19932901d ago

screw the 480 i'll be getting this instead.

darksky2900d ago

What if the 1060 is not faster and is more expensive? The 480 will almost definitely be faster in DX12 and has more VRAM.

Testfire2901d ago

I'm still waiting for the 3rd party Rx 480s to release. With 8 GB vram and better DX12 support Amd is the way to go imo.

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