‘Pokémon Go’ First impressions | Analog Addiction

We go hands on with ‘Pokémon GO’!

Is this augmented reality mobile game enough to make us want to catch them all? Or do we drop our Poké balls at the nearest gym?

Check out our first impressions.

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joel_c17831d ago

I'm on android and it keeps saying my name isn't available :(

GamingTechUnited831d ago

Then choose a different one. It's just a username. :)

joel_c17831d ago

I think it's an error because I have tried 10 different names with no success

Mcardle831d ago

its not, they used an old database from ibgress or Pokemon club or something so most names were already taken :/

DesignatedDevon831d ago

Had the same problem at first. But my 2nd E-mail let me in. Did you get it working?

GamingTechUnited831d ago

I can't wait for tomorrow to get here so that I can wander my neighborhood a bit! The commute to my summer college course is going to be fun!!!

DesignatedDevon831d ago

The further you walk, the more you'll see!

Let me know how you like it!

luckytrouble831d ago

Pokemon Go is currently just catching Pokemon, basically. And by catching I mean putting your finger on a Pokemon, flicking a regular Pokeball at it, catching, then waiting for the next. I have yet to see variance in Pokeballs, you'll have to catch an absurd number of Magikarp if you want a Gyrados, and the gyms are bound to be under utilized with how weirdly they are spread out in the world. There are three gyms within ten minutes walking of my home, all maybe two minutes apart from each other, while the next is about 25 minutes away walking in another direction with only a single gym. I'm guessing gyms and gather points are largely based on some kind of population metric (the three gyms are in the middle of a large strip mall type area), but with that in mind, it means some people are probably nowhere near gather points and gyms, eliminating about 50% of the overall experience.

The item grab points are interesting enough and are surprisingly unique and personal at times. Figuring out how to use them was thankfully intuitive enough due to the limited number of on screen actions. I wish they were a little less random though. My friend has gotten multiple eggs from them while my larger number of visits has yielded almost nothing but Pokeballs with a single potion and single revive that I seem to have little purpose for.

Right now, Pokemon Go is really just lacking. It encourages you to explore, but at the same time, the Pokemon at a given point already seem to be ever changing and not at all static meaning that, with a bit of patience, you can probably catch most Pokemon within a five mile radius of home. The Pokemon currently still don't look very good in the real world setting, and the weird snapshot when catching a Pokemon with the usually bad zoom in really doesn't help.

I'm still going to spend time with the game. But it really needs passing trainer interaction, and to generally be more static in some ways and more involved in others. I know Pokemon Go is far from finalized, but I feel like they should have spent a lot longer on fleshing it out before releasing it. The experience is simply super shallow at the moment.

DesignatedDevon831d ago

You nailed a lot of the key points. I was suprised to see how the Item grab points were legit landmarks. A few indie stores in my area support Warhammer and Pokemon, and I was suprised to find those as Item-Grabs, complements of Google Earth.

It's definitely frustrating that we can't fight any of the Pokemon just yet, but this App is still in it's test phases. I would like to see a finished and advanced version, bu for now I'm enjoy the ability to get to know the app.

And renaming all of the characters is cracking me up.

Thanks for the excellent post!

Summons75831d ago

So far I'm really enjoying it. I like how it's just a fun casual little thing. Take a walk, feel a buzz, pull my phone out, A Eevee!, catch, pop it back in my pocket and continue. So far the microtransactions aren't intrusive and they are very generous with in game Pokeballs. Haven't found a gym yet but I don't really care too much about that plus I live in a small town so unlike San Fran (where I've watched some videos based in) where there is a Pokestop every corner, I have to walk like 5 blocks before finding one. I'm surprised at the selection of Pokemon too, figured because I live in a Moutain valley all I would see is pidgey and raticates but I've found eevee, a random pidegotto, Khanghaskan (which I didn't catch because it never popped up but it was in the nearby list) and this was just me hanging out at work messing around. It's better than what I was expecting seeing Ingress was crap but it's what I was expecting in terms of a mobile game. People complaining about not battling clearly don't get the point. I do wish there was trading though, hopefully that will be soon and they need to fix the server issues because the constant crashes will really hurt the game in the long run.

DesignatedDevon831d ago

It seems that Eevee, Pidgeotto, and Weedle are the main basic characters everyone finds almost instantly. But the further you walk, the more interesting Pokemon you can find.

They need to overhaul their servers and their interfacing, but we're in the early stages of this app. I look forward to seeing the finished product and competing in gyms!