Full-motion video at 30fps hits mobile phones

Full-motion video at 30fps hits mobile phones
Quality may make phone viewers willing to open their wallets

Video viewing on mobile phones has not been a winner so far

Mobile digital TV tuners may be already installed in tens of millions of phones in Japan and Korea, but the networks have one major problem with the technology – it makes them absolutely no money.

Competition to offer the latest gear means the ability to pick up the free broadcasts tailored for mobile devices, such as 1-seg in Japan, is increasingly considered essential to all new phones in spite of the fact that they generate no revenues. That's an issue broadcaster NHK thinks it can exploit.

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jay23885d ago

Very nice, now bring it world winde.

plain rice3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I've been watching 30FPS movies/clips on my mobile phones for some time now.