How To Find And Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go you are given a starter Pokemon right when you start the game. Outside of your starter you will have to go find Pokemon and catch them with your Poke Balls.

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masterfox2395d ago

"I had to walk about 5 minutes before I ran into my first Pokemon(Rattata)", definitely this guy is living in New York.

Double_O_Revan2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Baltimore, MD has plenty of big ass rats too. Probably plenty of Ratticates around.

Satou2395d ago

You guys remember how in the old school Pokemon games you'd just go rummaging through some random person's house and they'd just be like "oh, how nice to see you". Well that's how Pokemon Go works, except Team Rocket is the police and you'll need some high level Pokemon to defeat them.

Psytrix2395d ago

We've already had issues over in Aus regarding a special location of the game, which happens to be a police station in real life, I can only imagine the accidents this game is gonna cause haha.

TXIDarkAvenger2395d ago

Found a Bulbasaur in my house.