Is the Xbox 360 reaching the limit of its capabilities?

There is only so much time that can be put into wringing that last ounce of capability out of consoles. And it must be true that now developers are nearly getting the most out of the 360.

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QueefyB_Angelitos5773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

Yes, it could only hold 4 slices of bread to toast at 1 time.

Edit: Seems like a mod took all my bubbles. Would you help me out fellas?

Chris Hansen5773d ago

Dude, how did you lose all your bubbles soo fast? I could have sworn I saw you with 5 bubbles like 20 mins ago.

GameDev5773d ago


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

It's impossible for you to get your Bubbles back on this once the Mod's don't like you
I'll Bubble you up anyway, but it will make no difference mate.
If you say you love M$ + xBox 360 you'll get them back and never lose any Bubbles...Hmm...like 'pp'???

+YEP!!! The xBox 360 looks outdated this year!!! ;-D
Some PS2 games look better than the xBox 360 games!!! ;-D

DavidMacDougall5773d ago

Yeah iv noticed pp never loses bubbles wtf is that fu(king xbot mods can suck my d!ck

ps3killin3605773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

the 360 reach it limit a very long time ago with gear of war 1, the 360 visuals are crap to everyone that has a sony ps3. only the 360 fanboy seem to think that games like too human, gear of war, etc.. looks better then anything the ps3 has. ps3killin360 fully believe that all the 360 games look pitiful, boring, and repetitive with horrible draw distance which are fine for immature 360 fanboy. this reaffirms my believe that the most powerful and all around better system is sony ps3.


theKiller5773d ago

every body knows this bubble system is up to the admins, and they r bots them selfs!! how is it possible to lose 3 bubbles in few hours and take forever to regain them??

also pp and theMART etc all never lose their bubbles, maybe it takes for them to lose a bubble 1 year!! but for ps3 fans few minutes or hours!

so as ken said its pointless to bubble someone back to 5 if he got less than 4 if he was a ps3 fanboy because the admins wont allow this person to get more bubble the the best example is me!!

Shane Kim5773d ago

And I really like Bloodmask's signature. He hates Sony fanboys and think they have a wired attachment to the console while he is the biggest xbuttbaboon on this site.

Pain5773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

Didnt we all know that already?

and Bubbles o oo0oOoooOo00oO0oooo

And yes bubbles are for the XBOX fans, since thats how it seems to work hear.

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Chris Hansen5773d ago

"Is the Xbox 360 reaching the limit if its capabilities?"
bruceongames with his sh*t grammar

theKiller5773d ago

with bioshock and gears releases and anyone who deny that cant try to prove me wrong!!

of course there will be slight improvements in gears 2 but nothing will be better than bioshock 360 version!

edhe5773d ago

You can max out a CPU with a few simple instructions.

Pointless 'metric'.

It's not about what the hardware can do for you, but what you can do with the hardware.

Did the ps2 peak at GT3, GT4? God of war 1? 2?

The software will improve year on year on year until there's no incentive for it, no matter what platform.

gaffyh5773d ago

I'm not even going to read this guys article, just reading bruceongames is enough to know that the article will be a pile of sh*t.

Fox015773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

bruceongames, Kotaku, SonyDefenceForce (SDF = Homeless in French, just throwing that there), HipHopGamer all on the same pile ... of s***t

marinelife95773d ago

Epic isn't saying the games won't look better in the future. They're just implying that the difference in what your seeing today and what you'll see in the future on the 360 won't be as big.

There was huge jump in graphics from Perfect Dark Zero to Gears of War and Bioshock.

Maddens Raiders5773d ago

like to put into this article, it is totally nullified by finding it on "bruceongames.com".

deno5773d ago

The ps2 and gamecube have not reached their limits so that should answer the question to this stupid article.

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Surfman5773d ago


...but Bruceongames should be banned of N4G.

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NovusTerminus5773d ago

Why did this get to the front page? This guy has no clue what he is talking about.

jtucker785773d ago

It's bruceongames.

I managed to stop myself before I clicked on the link. He aint getting hits from me.

Not read the article, WooHoo.

Ozzyb5773d ago

Same here. If I wanted to see a steaming pile of crap, this is the internet, I have other options.