Nariko DLC Pre-order at Best Buy

Nariko Sackgirl preorder DLC will be available at Best Buy.

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Bombibomb4325d ago

You know what? I'm gonna pre-order and buy two copies of LBP. One from GameStop for Kratos and one from Best Buy for Nariko. Media Molecule have earned it.

slave2Dcontroller4325d ago

I understand your logic. Although I wont be buying multiple copies of LBP, I will be pre-ordering at 3 diferent locations. Game Crazy for the LBP Game pouch, EB for Kratos SB and Best Buy for Nariko SG.

n4gzz4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Best Buy is getting my business. I don't shop there normally but for Nariko, i think i am going to swallow my pride. My brother is getting one from gamestop so we are good to go :D

OGharryjoysticks4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Everybody is going to put out levels with both of these outfits and I can play them that way

Expy4325d ago

You can't get these costumes without the pre-order codes.

sunnygrg4325d ago

However, these codes can be shared with upto 3 more friends (not including you that is). We will just have to scavenge from different boards for leftovers.

Mc Fadge4325d ago

Closer looks into it shows the same thing as other PSN downloads; 5 downloads per account, 5 systems per account. This means that you'll use up your 5 account limit with other people if you share it, as well as give them free access to your other downloaded games.

So yeah, just to avoid some confusion that the code works on 5 different accounts, it doesn't (sadly) :<

DaTruth4325d ago

Do they have a Kai Sackgirl; We may need her to play "Twing Twang".

mercenaut4325d ago

just plunk down $5 at game stop, they'll give you the voucher for kratos right then and there; even if you dont pick up the game.

barom4325d ago

Man they should've just done a Collector's Edition and included all of these stuff. Would be so much easier for me to decide

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QueefyB_Angelitos4325d ago

Best Buy loves the PS3, they're pre-ordering for Nariko, my friend tried for Master Chief at Best Buy and they thought he was talkin about hello kitty.

QueefyB_Angelitos4325d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, watch, we are gonna get DLC for Circuit city, walmart, etc. Poor Xbots, Gears 2 is all you have and it will flop.

Poor Xbots

QueefyB_Angelitos4325d ago

Nariko loves fun, too bad the 360 is allergic to it.

Sevir044325d ago

i cant wait ^^ the Goddess and the God of War holding hands as sackboy and sackgirl...

Sackboy For president!!!!!

Expy4325d ago

Just pre-order at different locations to get the voucher, then cancel.

PlayStation3604325d ago

and exactly what I'm going to do lol :P jk bro

And Sevir, "Goddess and the God of War holding hands as sackboy and sackgirl..." *teary eyed* beautiful.

Bubble+ for u both.

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The story is too old to be commented.