See How Rockstar’s PS2 Classic The Warriors Looks on PS4 in Screenshots and Video

Earlier Today, Rockstar Games released the PS2 classic The Warriors on the PlayStation Network for PS4, thanks to the console’s emulation feature, but coming for $14.99/£11.99, it isn’t exactly the cheapest game out there. If you want to see how it looks before it plays, you have come to the right place.

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2pacalypsenow836d ago

Man I remember playing this during one of the Hurricane seasons in 2005 when i lived in Florida, no school for like a week and I had the Game Pass from Blockbuster. Good times

opinionated836d ago

It will go on sale like the other rockstar games. I picked up bully for 5 bucks and I will do the same for this.

ShadowKnight832d ago

When do you think it will go on sale?

opinionated832d ago

It will probably be awhile since rockstar just had a sale a few weeks ago (on psn anyway). I doubt they would add it into the midsummer sale and screw all of the people that just bought it. 4-5 months maybe is my guess.