Balancing life and video games, is it possible?

Depending on which survey you believe the average gamer is anywhere between 30 and 35. It goes without saying a lot of these gamers have kids. With kids comes life and all of its responsibilities. Gone were the days I could play my games into the wee hours of the morning, replaced by long nights of a baby crying and taking the dog out to use the restroom. No longer could I go straight home and plop in a game and be care free. Instead, I have to worry about babysitting and school functions. The same probably goes for countless gamer parents.

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StephanieBBB3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Like go and grap a cup of coffe at starbucks and then come back and type in the code on the receipt in-game so you would get exp as a reward? =P

Only thing I could think of...

kingme713695d ago

Benadryl sleep formula in my kid's and wife's dinner every night. Hasn't failed me for years :)

Zee33695d ago

One of the good things about this generation is that the costs of producing games are becoming so high there seems to be a trend of games becoming much shorter (see heavenly sword)and dare I say simpler to complete. Gone are the days of looking for a save point for 2 hours, and in many games if you die you generally restart a couple of minutes from where you last were (I'm looking at you bioshock).
Although this pains me in some ways (I want my moneys worth out of a title) - it does make it easier to balance work and life commitments as I get older.