TeamXbox: Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Review

TeamXbox writes: "The Viva Piñata series' reception by gamers has been as bizarre as the paper-maché populace inhabiting its in-game gardens. The original-released in 2006-was tied to a TV show produced through a partnership between Microsoft and 4Kids Entertainment, essentially creating a new multimedia-spanning IP. The weird thing, though, was how this "kiddie" title was appreciated by serious gamers as much as it was by the tykes it was intended for; the same gamepad jockeys who were chain-sawing Locust Horde and sniping Covenant scum, were also preening pretty piñata gardens. I'll admit, even I was a bit dumbfounded by my gaming buddies-once endlessly strategizing on how to best dominate Blood Gulch-now obsessing over how to attract the coolest piñatas to their virtual gardens. While I was a late adopter, my soon-to-be-tilling arm didn't need to be twisted too hard. This was, after all, the spawn of Rare's capable Banjo-Kazooie creators; that pedigree alone soon had me jumping into the piñata party."

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