DOOM: A Hell of a Masterpiece! - Ovigami

After I had experienced a fun multiplayer in the DOOM open BETA I quickly ran to my computer and ordered DOOM 3 BFG edition. DOOM on the PlayStation 4, which I’ll call DOOM’16, had sparked something that I had to experience and with that I played and finished all DOOM games (at least the official …

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fatsodubmo894d ago

By far my favorite shooter this gen...hell maybe any gen.

Jayszen894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Yes, 'Doom' this year was a pleasant surprise and it is definitely the best shooter released this year - so far. I played the original Doom, Doom 2 and 'Thy Flesh Consumed' on PC all those years ago and used to return to them whenever I wanted that feeling that only those games could bring out - fear, panic, and overwhelming dread and captured the mood perfectly! The new 'Doom' is a return to form and is equally good for single player and multiplayer experiences and SnapMap extends the game even further. Overall, this is my 'go to' game this year when I want a quick gaming jolt, have nothing else to play or want a break from Fallout, Uncharted and the other big games of the year.

After 'Wolfenstein' in 2014 and now 'Doom' in 2016, I eagerly await 'Quake' and another 'Wolfenstein' Bethesda and ID are good for gamers!