TrustedReviews: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Overall, it's hard to ignore the feeling that this is the game Tiger 08 could and should have been – something that will certainly annoy anyone who plumped up cold cash for last year's iteration. However, while the differences aren't huge by themselves, put them all together and this is a major improvement. If you didn't buy Tiger 08, then you can happily buy Tiger 09 in the knowledge that you're buying the best 'serious' golf game out there, even if PS3 owners with a copy of Everbody's Golf: World Tour might disagree. The problem for EA is that, after this, it will be hard to make a case for a Tiger Woods 2010.

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gameraxis3751d ago

it still needs two player tournament modes and 2 player career mode!!!

all i do is play against my brother so u can imagine playing each other all the time gets old...