NZGamer: Henry Hatsworth Preview

Tealand and the Puzzle Realm collide in a new puzzle-adventure game on EA's Casual Entertainment label. They collide hard. Maybe you don't care – but when you see just how colourful and fun Tealand is, you might sit up and take notice. You've played games like this before, right? Where everything's gone wrong and it's your job to fix it? There's a possibility you've never wanted to fix it this much.

You're Henry Hatsworth, a gentleman who goes looking for a magic golden suit, scattered apart by an ancient hero after some ancient heroism. Hatsworth is out looking because he doesn't really believe the legend and, presumably, has nothing else to do. Classic mistake. He finds part of it (a big golden hat, which he wears throughout the game, affording him [you] certain powers) but by doing so upsets the balance of the co-existing worlds of Tealand and the Puzzle Realm.

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