GameSpot: Infinite Undiscovery Review

GameSpot writes: "Role-playing games strike a tricky balance between gameplay and narrative that is easy to take for granted when everything goes together correctly. Infinite Undiscovery is sadly an example of how flawed design and myriad imperfections can mar an otherwise enjoyable adventure. Square Enix manages to provide the frame of a role-playing game epic that falls short on execution."

The Good:

* Detailed character models and world architecture
* Characters and their stories are engaging
* Fast-paced battles with spiffy-looking special moves

The Bad:

* Gameworld is lonely and bland
* Too much repetition
* Short and lacking in depth for an RPG

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InfiniteUnfloppery3724d ago

The Floposaurus species is indeed exclusive to the Xbox regions

QueefyB_Angelitos3724d ago

I heard the next extinction are actually games for the 360

Bombibomb3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Tri-Ace fails yet again.

Winter47th3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

A flop after another, apparently they're aiming for a streak.

sonarus3724d ago

lets cross our fingers for star ocean...before the ps3fanboys start wishing it ill remember its probably just a timed exclusive...probably:s lol

Homicide3724d ago

Fails again? What was their first failure? If it's Star Ocean III, then I kinda agree. The plot twist was terrible. I'm disappointed by the score. Was really looking forward to it. It's a rental.

gambare3724d ago

I just hope that "time exclusivity" was just a time space to see how the public will react to that rushed product, and then try to polish the product when they make the PS3 release. Really, their attempt to reach the american soil giving a exclusive to the 360 is not what they desired, they needed to give time to cook the title and tried not to rush it.

sunnygrg3724d ago

Now when was the last time I heard that word?

Back to topic, guess I will have to wait some more to fill my RPG hunger.

Montrealien3724d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

meh, your opinion is as usefull as a butthole on my elbow Mr bomb. I`ve tried it for an hour and I enjoy it. It`s a good game.

*shoves pop tart in mouth*

and it`s a videogame.

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Jeremy Clarkson3724d ago

Personally I don't think a meta score accounts for much. I like to read each review to see how the reviewer sees the game from their point of view.

However, I would have liked to have seen it get an average of 8+ even though I don't own an Xbox 360.

tocrazed4you3724d ago

That japanese developers seriously learn their lessons from making rpg exclusives on the xbox 360. They don't do well and they don't sell well. Except for tales of vesperia which got a great score but isn't selling as well as a game like that should.

WIIIS13724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Are you trying to be stupendously retarded? What has creating good gameplay and story for a game have anything whatsoever to do with the platform it is created for? I personally have a general distaste for Japanese RPGs because the genre is just not progressive, but there are fans of JRPGs out there, and for them, what matters now is that 360 is the console that offers them by far the most JRPGs (the same can be said for most other genres of game). I know there are many hungry gamers out there looking for JRPGs to whet their appetite until FF comes out (on 360 as well...), but they can't really find that on the PS3 now can they? Be a gamer, not a waiter.

NowGen3724d ago

i hope not. so, let me see. are you saying that if this same exact game was being released on the ps3 instead of 360, it just would be all around better. just fore being on another platform?

ZeroBlitz3724d ago

Actually, what he's said makes sense if you take even a moment to consider that perceptions other than your own do exist.

The companies that create JRPGs are used to making them for a Japanese market. The 360 obviously isn't doing very well in Japan so they are attempting to adapt to the American/360 market (which as a whole isn't so much JRPG fans as they are FPS/XBL fans) in order to sell more games. Clearly, this is causing games of a standard below we're used to expecting - shorter with simpler stories and little depth with attempts at faster-paced gameplay. If they were making games for the PS3 they could continue focusing on the Japanese market and we'd have better games.

It's likely better RPGs will appear on the 360 once developers realise that the older JRPGs sell better than they do now. Though, due to the poor start it wouldn't surprise me if they started making them multi-platform rather than 360 exclusive.

xBot Lemmings3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

*snif* *snif* B-B-B-B-BUT WHY ?! *snif*