Sony to Host PlayStation VR Press Conference in Hong Kong This Month

Sony Interactive Entertainment will be hosting a press conference on its PlayStation VR virtual reality headset in Hong Kong later this month.

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joeorc1805d ago

For good reason ..

Sony's PSVR is selling briskly ahead of its Oct. 13 release, and that's good news for the leading video game retailer.

Rick Munarriz (TMFBreakerRick) Jul 4, 2016 at 12:00PM

Four minutes was all it took for GameStop (NYSE:GME) to sell out of its exclusive allotment of Sony's (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation VR systems on Thursday. PlayStation VR -- PSVR for short -- is Sony's foray into virtual reality.

ApocalypseShadow1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

You know the haters don't want to hear that Joe. Lol! They're pushing the narrative that PS4 can't do VR and needs neo to make it work.when we already seen it work for a year and it's being demoed on base PS4s at best buy.

There's a pending article asking if Sony is artificially inflating demand for it. Since Xbox one and Xbox one s aren't offering any VR options, I'm guessing the haters will continue the fight until "real vr" is supposed to show up in two years.

What about the supposed 20 million Xbox one owners who might want a chance at VR this year? Sucks to be them. They get none.

On topic, more conferences that tell the world a great VR option is coming is always welcome.

WeAreLegion1804d ago

I legitimately overheard an employee at the Microsoft Store last week tell customers that the PS4 would not be able to play VR, unless it was a Neo. I corrected him, but he still ran with it. I've played PSVR. On a regular PS4. Several times. It's honestly not as far from Vive/Oculus quality as some might think. And it's easily the most comfortable headset. I'll probably never stop playing my Vive, but I guarantee I'll be using the PSVR just as much.

Gridknac1804d ago

I got to demo the psvr over the weekend at the local best buy. To be honest I was not impressed. There was nothing wrong with how it worked or how comfortable it was to wear. My beef stems from the low quality of the screen. I played Eve Valkyrie and It looked terrible. It looked like it was running on PS3. You could easily see the "screen door effect" in the menus and such. I have played the occulus, but not the vive yet, and the fidelity on the psvr was not even close to what I had experienced on the rift. I'm not trying to bash the psvr, but if that is the route you plan on taking, don't try the other 2 headsets out. It definitely will take the shine off the ps headset.