Skate It for the Wii: Just give our controllers back

ARS writes: "Nintendo is hoping you're really into peripherals for your Wii. Not only will the company be pushing the MotionPlus add-on next year, but at PAX you could also play a number of games that took advantage of the balance board from Wii Fit. I put the little booties on my shoes, grabbed a controller, and jumped onto Skate It, EA's Wii skateboarding title. "

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Killjoy30003702d ago

I agree. Skate was designed with analog sticks in mind, and motion control would ultimately defeat its birth-right. Too bad, EA. Hopefully you'll deliver with Skate 2, because we already know what lonely road this one's heading down.

PS360WII3702d ago

This is the first hands on that talked badly of the balance board controls. Guy must just want to be different because from all I've been reading Skate seems to be made perfectly for balance board controls. After I play this it might be trying to go back to two analog sticks much like how it is with fps because Wii Remote has that nailed down.