Eledees power-up Konami's first title for Wii

Konami details innovative use of Nintendo controller in search of tiny creatures called Eledees.

Konami Digital Entertainment Europe has confirmed its first title for Nintendo's New Generation Wii video game system. Entitled Eledees due this spring, it is an original catch and seek title that uses the Wii hardware's unique control system to search for and capture the titular mischievous Eledee creatures. With its clever gameplay elements and innovative control, the title has already received praise and awards overseas.

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ryanjtravis5232d ago

Is this a joke? Isn't there a game called Elebits that is pretty much the same exact thing?

Ravenator5295232d ago

I know that game companies tend to steal ideas from the competition but this is rediculous!

For sh1ts sake at least come up with a different title!


Are they serious here?

eclipsegryph5232d ago

Be happy. Or something.

It's an obvious parody, guys. Those screenshots are directly from Elebits, for one thing, not to mention everything else about the article, aside from the name of the "game". Nothing more to see here, move on.

ryanjtravis5232d ago

They changed the name. It is Elebits, but they changed the name for the European release. It probably should've been mentioned in the article though, don't you think?

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