Celebs You Never Knew Voiced Video Game Characters

vgPWN: "A sampling of famous actors and actresses who've helped make your games a little more legit."

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ILikeGamesYeah927d ago

Can we please not allow these horrendous clickbait articles get approved on N4g. This used to be such a lovely part of the Internet.

CerebralAssassin927d ago

Articles like this can be interesting. The big problem with them is when they have every countdown item is on a separate page. So annoying to click through all that and fight ads for this.

ILikeGamesYeah927d ago

That's the reason they do it, I'm not complaining about the content as it why I clicked on it in the first place. Every time you click next page it's another Web hit for them. Having a good article to read is not in there interest, only how many people read it. The fact that these keep getting approved means it makes it ok for them to keep doing it and we will have more and more of this crap.

hay926d ago

Never leave localhost without uBlock.

deafdani927d ago

I've been frequenting this website for many years now, and honestly, I've always seen it as a cesspool of toxicity and fanboy wars, and riddled with non-articles and clickbait and stupidity.

Yet here I am, posting years after the fact, because in the end, it's still a pretty good source for news, and you sometimes can have meaningful discussions, even if you have to filter a lot of crap... community-wise and content-wise.

Still, I chuckled when I read your "lovely part of the Internet". Lolwut?

ILikeGamesYeah927d ago

Yeah the content is sometimes shit, but that's the way it's always has been so let's not change it yeah? Let's stick to what we know. Choose Mario playing Mario kart, and choose plain when eating a nandos. Hey what music do you like? Oh anything really. I'll get a tattoo but only if it means something. Do you find when talking to people they stare a little blankly and look bored? We all die alone in the end anyway so why try to make anything better? If someone speaks up on anything make sure you tell them it's not ok to be different as others may disagree and you'll look stupid. Then you won't get to heaven (I assume you're American). Blah videogames are sweet but the framerates!?!

BLAKHOODe927d ago

I clicked on the article, because I was interested in the subject and it actually surprised me with some things I didn't realize, like "Mike" from Breaking Bad being the voice of Jim Gordon in Arkham Knight. So, I wouldn't consider this click-bait.

deafdani927d ago

It's clickbait in the sense that the article is designed to spread its content over multiple pages, basically forcing you to give them many clicks.

The issue here isn't with the message, but the delivery. I abhor this practice, and the fact that the actual topic is interesting only makes it worse.

MatrixxGT926d ago

At least the layout isn't confusing like some clickbait articles. Some of these sites will have a paragraph and then say "continue to next page" while your looking all over for the damn button and then you find a arrow and you click it and it was part of an ad.

Still this was a decent read.

ILikeGamesYeah926d ago

But why do we even find any click bait article acceptable in the first place? If we only allow quality content then people will make content better quality. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Goldby926d ago

because the people who run the site also have probably like 20 accounts here so they can just approve their own content

popopdc926d ago

Agreed. It's well written quality content. There aren't pop-up ads and the "next" button isn't hard to find. It isn't that bad.

Gardenia926d ago

These titles are so stupid. " never knew", " nobody played". I know and I have played! I'm so sick of clickbait

Goldby926d ago

i would have prefered an article on voice acting, and naming some well knwn actors within it

Nivekki926d ago

As soon as I see multiple pages for something that could fit on one I stop reading and never click on one of their articles again.

Kallisti926d ago

Mark Hamil, realy?! I think the majority of people who've played the Arkham games knew exactly who voiced the Joker.

Goldby926d ago

i could have a sworn it was Jack Napier