Skyrim Remastered Won’t Support Save Transfers On PS4 And Xbox One

To all those of you who have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours playing Skyrim on your Xbox 360 or PS3, here’s some bad news that you may not necesarily have seen coming- the console versions of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition, which is the remaster of Bethesda’s bestselling classic RPG, will not be supporting your older save files.

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Null19802027d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I have the Platinum trophy on the PS3 version. Can't say I'm happy that I can't play around with my old character some in the mods. I want to start a new character too, but my high level would have been fun with the mods.

Edit- A few people suggested below that other remasters do not allow saves to be carried over.... that is not true. The Borderlands Collection was an open world remaster that people put many many hours into and it DID allow you to transfer your PS3 or XBox 360 saves.

NukaCola2027d ago

Same. If I could have transferred my 212hours, I would have bought this for the DLC and to finish up those smaller quests. Oh well, Bethesda lost my money with that crappy decision.

Null19802026d ago

I'll still buy it. I'll go for a second Platinum. I had been wanting to play it again anyways. I just was hoping I could jump right into the Mods with my other character.

AndreR2026d ago

if you have played skyrim 212 hours. why even bother with remastered? its more fun to start fresh. What is the point to take your 212 hours save file into skyrim remasered? You have already done everything in the game then. Its like seeing a remastered movie and skip to the end.

Null19802026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

@ignore78 Because mod support.

You want to dictate who should and shouldn't play this game and how we should play it? I was speaking for myself and Nukacola was speaking for himself.

BrandanT2027d ago

Eh, I wouldn't mind restarting. I honestly hope the glitches are kept.

BlaqMagiq12026d ago

You want them to keep something that brings the experience down? Dafuq?

MatrixxGT2026d ago

He's probably talking the armor glitches and money glitches. Not game crashing bugs. I hope.

BrandanT2026d ago

Not those glitches. I meant armor duplication, and some other more complicated ones where you could insanely high stats on weapons and enchantments.

CerebralAssassin2026d ago

I hope they figured out how to stop the freezing.

ninsigma2027d ago

That sucks :/
I'm sure plenty of people would have wanted to keep playing their saves with the better graphics and performance.

SunnyZ2027d ago

How exactly would upping the texture quality mess with the savegames?

DragonKnight2026d ago

Probably has to do with texture loading.

Grown Folks Talk2027d ago

Has any remaster yet done so? Dishonored didn't. Never played Last of Us on PS3, only on PS4. They all make you start from scratch don't they?

I-Hate-usernames2027d ago

Final fantasy x/x2 remaster let you transfer you save file from ps3 to ps vita or ps4.

Null19802026d ago

GTA Online leveling carried over, however the single player did not. The Borderlands Collection let you carry over all your progress from the PS3 versions.

That's fine with games like The Last of Us, as it's not that long and a linear experience. 150+ hours in a game like Skyrim is a lot to start over though.

Goldby2026d ago

thats like at least 15 hours of backtracking

Grown Folks Talk2026d ago

Yes, Borderlands. I never owned it on 360, but I did get the Handsome Collection & recall telling my friend his stuff would transfer.

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The story is too old to be commented.