Almost 45% of all Steam gamers are now using Windows 10

Almost three months ago, Valve reported that 38.28% of Steam gamers use Windows 10, while Windows 7 was being utilized by 39.96% of the service's users. Now, according to the latest statistics revealed by the company, almost half of all Steam gamers are using Windows 10.

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freshslicepizza2931d ago

no wonder they are getting more involved with pc gaming.

SunnyZ2931d ago

"Furthermore, 34.22% of Steam users have 1GB of VRAM on their systems, a slight increase of 0.45% when compared to the figures released in May."

Is that a typo? Slight increase?
So in 2 months MILLIONS of people have signed up for steam with a GPU with 1GB of vram.
I find that hard to believe...

ocelot072931d ago

Why is it so hard to believe? Making a account is free for steam. Lots of people have different accounts. You also have the losers who get caught cheating on CSGO and get banned. Who then make a new Steam account and rebuy the game.

SunnyZ2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

~34% of your user base signed up in 2 months when you have been around for over a decade.

Yeah,. it's a bit hard to believe, that's why I ask if it is a typo.

Software_Lover2931d ago

I think you read that wrong.

It's only an increase of .45% meaning back in May, 33.7% of users had a card with 1GB of RAM

SunnyZ2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Ohhh! That mates a bit more sense.
For some reason my brain added in 'the' between 'of' and '0.45%'
Thanks for the clarification mate.

Jayszen2931d ago

It's pretty difficult to run a PC on anything else these days as Windows 10 is the OS that is universally available and pushed by virtually every manufacturer of PCs whether the product is a Gaming rig, a standard home-use PC or used as work terminals in businesses. Linux which was the most obvious alternative to Windows has not become popular as it is not as simple to use for the casual user and there are so many iterations that potential users that are put off. OSX has always been a niche product traditionally catering to publishing and creative environments but now also used by brand-conscious users.

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RhinoGamer8816h ago

If you played FC 24...you have played FC 25. Expect little to no improvements...especially AI.

Knightofelemia40m ago

Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Hence why I stopped buying sports games NHL 25 would be no different then NHL 24 or NHL 23.


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ApocalypseShadow23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

Nothing new to those that had common sense about the whole consolidation nonsense some were happy about that we said was going to come back and bite you in the ass. Where games that were coming to the platform anyway, were taken away from other platforms to feed a losing, loss leading platform. Where games are held back by another bad decision which was Xbox series S to push game pass. And while you were gloating about the purchase, employees lost their jobs and a good developer was closed after making a good game. Thank yourselves.

We said prices were going to go up, tiers were going to come. And not only gamers on other platforms getting screwed, but those that were happy about the acquisitions were going to get screwed as you'll have to pay MORE just to get the same thing and pay back the purchase of cod.

And, as we have seen again and again, Microsoft either misled, lied or flip-flopped on what they said faster than a dinner gets cold after cooking it. We said they were a bunch of liars and only are using games for their ultimate goal of services. Not a creative bone in Microsoft's body. They only purchase and screw everyone with their motives.

To all those that still support this shitty company, take a bow for supporting the acquisition. Because you screwed everyone over with most games that were going to come to Xbox anyway. You screwed over PlayStation fans, Nintendo fans, developers, employees and YOURSELVES. You made the industry worse. Just like when you started your bad decision making by paying for online and horse armor micro transactions, supporting RROD shipping boxes and always online because "everyone has internet. Look what you won. Vaseline and higher prices.