The Scorpio and Neo are a betrayal of trust that might come back to bite Microsoft and Sony

Stung by a Scorpio

Every console generation starts with a chicken and egg dilemma. The shiny new hardware that emerges into the wild might have high hopes and higher price tags, but it inevitably launches with a games library that's a mere shadow of the consoles it hopes to replace.

For awhile the trickle of games is slow. Developers don't want to spend too much money developing for a console that not enough people own, and yet those same people won't take the plunge until enough games exist on the system.

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2cents2943d ago

VR & 4k is coming...
Need to get with the times.

Betrayal would be ignoring this. Scorpio is end of 2017 loooong time away. Neo still a mystery.

I feel no betrayal.

MCTJim2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Agree :D and for those moaning about betrayal....hahahahahahah betrayal...no, just enough already. Who is forcing you to upgrade? New TV's come out yearly and not everyone runs out to get the newest one. You are going to get the best experience on the platform you have purchased. Neo and Scorpio will be better in terms of effects, textures and resolution.

uth112942d ago

TVs have full compatibility with each othet, but on gaming systems things may run well on one configuration, but poorly on another. That's why it's different

Zeldafan642942d ago

So it was terrible when Nintendo did it but now that sony and MS are doing it suddenly it's fine? What's wrong with this picture?

Kingthrash3602942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

naw when the neo was first leaked people were super bashing it from all angles....its the scorpio that gets the pass here...the neo was scrutinized more than the nx and scorpio combined tbh ,

UltraNova2942d ago


Who critisized Nintendo that already knew that the Wii U was dead? Thy had no choice.

Sony and MS had though. And no its not ok imoh. Sony sells ps4s like hotcakes then goes to abruptly stop that momentum with new hardware (who the hell is going to buy the OG ps4 when the Neo is sitting right next to it on the shelf??), while MS is hell bend on having better hardware than Sony(and sales) from the last 3 year spanking while spreading to W10 butchering the term exclusive on the way...

Some with more..critical minds...are left with questions like- are we going to have to buy new consoles every 3 years? Whats stoping them from releasing a new one every single year?(i mean millions are more than happy to spent 800 bucks on an iPhone each year).
Will devs optimize games for older systems( in this case 2-3 year old consoles)? Why not its not if they will have double the systems to develop for right? Oh wait!

Lets rejoice people! Lets be happy for how everything console related is now asphyxiating in uncertainty.

Gazondaily2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

".the neo was scrutinized more than the nx and scorpio combined tbh "

Dunno what planet you're living on. Is this why you keep spreading fudd about the Scorpio in every thread?

In fact, looking above, who actually are you responding to when you're playing the victim act on behalf of Sony here? Surely not Zeldafan?

You have piped up in almost every Scorpio thread spreading utter crap about it, somehow distinguishing it from the Neo and calling the death of Xbox etc

s45gr322942d ago

To me it feels like Sony and Microsoft con gamers in buying an outdated system. The PS4 GPU is as powerful as the Nvidia GTX 480. My GTX 480 can run all of today's games at native 1080p.

hay2941d ago

There was a time when I dreamed about console upgrades like that, and then I learned how market works.

nveenio2941d ago

I don't understand how the Neo can be a betrayal when we don't even know what it is. And Scorpio is coming so deeply into the console cycle that it's almost a new console. This article seems to be stretching things in order to complain.

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darthv722943d ago

Yeah its not a betrayal but simply the natural progression of things. We had an especially long 7th gen which threw off the timing of the 8th.

If the original systems launched in 2010-11 then this would be about right for the announcement of the 9th. As it is we are just getting a shorter 8th than many expected. The companies are trying to be within the spec of current technology trends and if that means they have to cut their losses and start over then so be it.

It will all work out, people just need to keep an open mind and have some patience at the same time. Play the toughest game there is... the wait and see game.

s45gr322942d ago

If I were to say that digital distribution is the future of consoles. Meaning that turning on the tv set and log in to say PlayStation Network app. Everyone would say that consoles have a lot to offer; reality is the hardware of consoles is done. PlayStation Now in conjunction with PlayStation Network will replace consoles

Shineon2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

With 7th gen being so long you would have thought Sony and Microsoft had plenty of time to build real 8th gen state of the art consoles like they usually do for every new console generation.Instead they gave us consoles that played last gen games at 1080 with some last gen games not even running at 60fps(GTAV).No wonder we have mid cycle consoles, I wonder if this was a strategy to get gamers to pay for 8th gen twice.Scorpio and Neo should have been released in 2013 not Ps4 and X1.Ps4 and X1 were not true upgrades from ps3 and 360, lets not blame 7th gen for Sonys and Microsoft decision to shaft thier fanbase. They are now trying to correct this noticeable flaw with mid cycle consoles

rainslacker2943d ago

I'm really at the point where I can't keep saying what concerns I have over the whole thing are. I'm just going to wait it out and see how things actually go with implementation on the console makers end, developer support, consumer adoption, and ultimately, what it will all mean for everyone.

Anything more I just feel is a waste of time trying to speculate on way too many possible scenarios.

I currently feel no betrayal, because as a consumer, nothing of note has actually come to pass to make that determination. As a developer, I'm still kind of like "WTF" with regards to the whole thing, but that's another issue entirely.

UltraNova2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )


As a dev, not a gamer, how do you feel about having to develop the same game for 3 additional systems(neo, NX, Scorpio)?

Does HDR support on the slim versions mean even more work? If yes then add 2 to the above question.

Can you assure us that you will always do your best on each and every system, every time?

What do you beleive will happen with the OG ps4 , wii u and xb1 once all replacements are released?

rainslacker2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Can't speak for Sony's implementation yet, because i have no information on it. I'm limited on what I can say about MS implementation due to NDA's, but it's not really as much work as one may assume(including myself). Many people had it right that it wouldn't be any different than PC development, but as a side note, I can say some of the console advantages of low level closed hardware is lost in the ability to make it easier. In all likelihood, most devs will take advantage of this, and it will affect the legacy version of the software more than the new system's versions. I don't directly develop games at the present time, but make the tools which actually handle such transitions between different systems, so for my part, at least I have quite a bit of job security for the foreseeable future. All in all though, best thing I can say is that the game engines will facilitate most of the "cross gen" differences more often than not, and MS and Sony don't really slouch on making their tools easy to use for the developers.

HDR support doesn't really make much difference to the devs. Once the profile for pixel creation is set up, it's the same as before. It just means considering a bit more on making that pipeline, as now they can just add more pixel depth and meta information to each pixel. HDR is simply a way to display more information with a single pixel. There is a bit more overhead, due to more pixel information being present(10-bit as opposed to 8 bit...12 bit Dolby Vision is unlikely to be used unless it becomes a standard), but for the most part, that is something that happens on the back end of the render pipeline and has to do with textures and lighting, and not the generation of actual vertices, so the GPU's should be able to keep up.

A bit more work may be necessary in considering that the more robust pixel depth means that you can't "cheat" as much on the graphics...where one would maybe reduce detail to gain some optimization...because flaws will show up more readily on an HDR display. This isn't really work on the front end, but rather the back-end optimization...because the developer may not be able to quickly gain an advantage in resources by reducing details which would commonly be removed because they'll never be seen.

It's important to note that you do not need a seperate build for HDR and non-HDR builds, as the spec itself has backwardly compatibility built in. If an HDR image is created, it will output at the 10 bit depth, with the extra meta data, and the display itself will just disregard that information and just display as it normally would. It is possible to have a separate profile for non-HDR displays, and some developers may take advantage of that, but it's hard to imagine why they would, as that may require a extra set of optimization code.

I will also point out, that for now, some of these HDR aspects are rather new for me to consider(and likely other devs). While what I say seems likely given what I've seen of it, there may be more to it that has to be considered. Once I get into working with that aspect more in my own tools, I could probably say better, but as of now, we're only just beginning to work out those details. I originally thought nothing would need to be done, but the added pixel depth means that current games won't suddenly look better unless they're patched, or there is some pipeline algorithm which does it for those games. If the latter is the case, then the results may not be ideal, and could exaggerate any flaws in the graphics that may exist due to the contrast gains between pixels.

rainslacker2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I can't assure you of anything, because, again, I do not currently make games directly. I work with a lot of development houses and engine makers with my tools, and I know that for the most part, all of them want to make the best product available, and a lot of time can be spent on making even the most seemingly inane thing work properly. However, I do not speak for all devs. I personally would endevour to make the best product possible across the board, because it's in my nature to do so. But time and resource constraints placed on the development process will always mean that it's a give and take. This is how it is now, and I don't see it changing. Obviously, with more work, less time can be spent on a single version unless more resources are put into it, and it's unlikely that most dev houses will be given those additional resources. How much that will have an effect, I can't currently say, because as with most things involving programming and design, it's always a "it depends" type scenario.

I think the legacy versions of PS4 and X1 will eventually be phased out, and when there is enough install base to move on, the support for them will wane among 3rd party, and eventually the bigger games from 1st party aren't likely to be compatible. It will probably be the same as any generational change. However, the actual time it takes for that support to wane will probably be longer depending on how long they keep the legacy hardware on the market. If I had to guess, I'd say when they discontinue selling the legacy hardware, that in about 2 years, we'd see them drop any legacy compliance mandate....which MS isn't requiring with Scorpio as I recall.

With PS4, if the rumored specs are true, then the disparity in power is likely to keep the OGPS4 supported longer. My personal opinion of MS is that they will drop OGX1 support as soon as possible. This is going by their history. I think they won't drop OGX1 right away because it will make them look pretty bad, but unless the OGX1 manages to do something to increase it's install base, they won't want to continue supporting it any longer than necessary. I think the WiiU will have it's 1st party support dropped within a year, and what support it does have will be cross gen stuff, and probably be taken off the market within 2. The install base isn't significant enough to really support it from a business perspective, and I can't see the WiiU taking off to become more relevant once the NX releases unless the NX isn't a direct successor to WiiU.

UltraNova2941d ago

Wow that was far deeper of an analysis than i expected. Thanks.

That said, at least all Sony exclusives will be released on the og ps4 for at least 2 more years which by then i will be more than ready to move on to ps5.

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Mystogan2943d ago

NEO is coming this year according to rumors.

objdadon2942d ago

That's what's been said but still no one knows when it's coming

MatrixxGT2942d ago

The same rumors that it will have 4.1 jigawatts...ohh nope wait 5.5 teraRops!.!.! and plays 4K...oh...wait nope it's just 4K videos. I'm an insider and I intercepted a E-mail that says they are releasing it "soon".

All we really know is that it exist and a slim, exist. Sony will be pushing a $399-499 VR setup/bundle this holiday. I don't see them adding a top tier console on top of of that this year.
Ps4 was officially confirmed 9 months before release, 4 months later at E3 they dropped the mic "literally". The console came out and had a official date for 5 months later.

Zeldafan642942d ago

Why were so many people complaining about Nintendo's NX announcement then? Up until about three months ago we saw articles like this pop up all the time about Nintendo betraying everyone for doing this and now suddenly it's fine? I swear you sony and MS fanboys are extremely hypocritical.

senorfartcushion2942d ago

The the Xbox 2/ps5?

You DO realise that they will be making them about a year after Neo/Scorpio come out?

KeepingitReal2942d ago

I do, feel betrayed that is. Half you people are straight up fanboys, to the max. And will back and support anything these companies do. Neo and Scorpio are a big letdown and betrayal in my book. And im going to laugh when both fail miserably. Except Scorpio, I know MS fanboys will put up with and support anything MS does. Because that is some real fanboyism right there.

senorfartcushion2940d ago

I can't help but feel like they are actively trying to help Nintendo.

NX didn't stand a chance but now it is one of THREE consoles releasing in 2017.

Artemidorus2942d ago

More fool you and the crowd that will follow in the masses

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TheHorseTamer2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

After the betrayals, gamers switch to NX and Nintendo returns to take back it's throne. Sarcasm

Not going to happen. People that have the xbox or PS4 now will continue to get and play the same games as their bigger brothers Xbox Scorpio and PS Neo. It will only drive the market to even bigger height.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_082943d ago

Betrayal of trust because they want to release a new of updated console after 3 or 4 years? LMAO!