Should Gamers expect good deals from Amazon's Prime day?

Amazon have announced that they will have their “Prime Day” event on July 12th. This is a full day of deals for Amazon Prime members, and will happen on but also on all other amazon sites.

Last year’s event was apparently huge for Amazon, but the question is: will there be good deals for gamers? Some people complained last year that many deals on Amazon’s Prime day in 2015 weren’t so hot. Looking back, Amazon actually had some discounts on a bunch of gamer-related items, including AAA titles for the PS4, XBO, PS3 and X360, console bundles, PC Hardware, and other electronics (tablets, etc…), but the good deals went very fast.

The article shares tips on finding the good deals in time and being ready for Prime day.

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Deadpooled841d ago

Last years event was full of old stock Amazon wanted to shift for usual 'deal of the day' prices. I'm not very hyped for this Prime Day but Amazon might have learned lessons from last years event and make this years better.

TXIDarkAvenger840d ago

No, it was so bad last time. I remember being excited but there was not one good thing in terms of gaming and other electronics.

Akira2020840d ago

I'm not holding my breath. Last year they were selling Vats of Vaseline, Tupperware, and sporks. I think I'll pass until they prove otherwise.