Edge: 50 Jaw-Dropping Moments in Gaming

Sometimes all it takes to propel a game from "memorable" to "awe-inspiring" is a moment of jaw-dropping magnificence. Over the following pages are 50 moments of inspiration, fright, laughter and intense sadness.

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Johnny Cullen3698d ago

Sorry but, as good as it was, MGS2 does not deserve to be on that list. MGS3 or MGS4 tbh.

That said, I agree with when they mentioned Ravenholm. Jesus, that place still gives me the creeps nearly a year after first playing it in The Orange Box for the 360.

jessupj3698d ago

You're an idiot, plain and simple. I don't usually leave comments like that but my gosh.... you need to be shot.

Johnny Cullen3698d ago

And your retarded for not respecting other people's opinion so STFU!

CrippleH3698d ago

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be up there.

deeznuts3698d ago

OMG spoilers! I never played FF7 yet :D (skipped console gaming from SNES until now)

ThatArtGuy3698d ago

It says it has spoilers right on the first page.

Brock Danger3698d ago

It was sweet going through all of those memories, but hands down the best moment for me has always been the reveal of darth revan in kotor. Would you kindly was pretty sweet, but revan still takes the cake. The final run in Mass effect was also pretty sick.

morganfell3698d ago

I hardly think going to Ravenholm warranted being on that list. Several other moments hardly should have been there either. The list is poorly balanced as the article can't make up it's mind whether it wants to be about surprising reveals or surprising gameplay. there is a difference.

The Master Chief riding the bomb hardly should have been on the list. However, the big secret that comes shortly after that moment creating the game's dual presentation should have been.

As regards Metal Gear, the big reveal after the credits roll in MGS4 should have been on the list. What you learn changes the truth and facts of every Metal Gear game ever made. MGS3? You play Big Boss. If that isn't a turn around then nothing is.

Any other games? The Bomb dropped on you in the Soul Reaver series over the latter 2 games about the actual nature of Raziel and in Defiance about the true destiny and purpose of Kain.

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