Edge Review: The Best Street Fighter Ever?

Street Fighter IV is not only the finest 2D fighter since… well, since Street Fighter III, but it's a triumphant demonstration that classic mechanics can be updated and reimagined in the current videogame climate. It's every bit the equal of its older brothers, and in conceptual terms is perhaps even beyond them in the way it caters for players of all abilities. This is, without doubt, a masterpiece of the genre.

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Bombibomb3701d ago

Wtf? They reviewed the Arcade version?

Nitrowolf23701d ago

the console version of the game isnt done yet i think, but the arcade one is already released.

artral163701d ago

yea arcade game is allready out

Tacki3701d ago

But this has fired me up even more for this game! Oh man, it was already one of my most anticipated titles for next year... and everything they talked about was music to my ears! I really hope this game is able to bring the fighting genre back some of its former glory.

I'm loving that people are loving this game already though. :)

Superfragilistic3701d ago

Agreed. A 9/10 from EDGE is mightily impressive. :)

Gambit073701d ago

Glad this game kicks ass.