Video Games You Will Be Judged for Playing

vgPWN: "Most gamers have impressive libraries full of huge hits; but hidden among those gems just might be a few embarrassing titles."

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DarkOcelet842d ago

Some games are meant to be played alone :D

841d ago
popopdc842d ago

haha, I am guilty of playing a couple of these

ChrisW842d ago

A couple of these you'd be judged for NOT playing!

scottypops842d ago

what's the shame in playing Just Dance?

equal_youth842d ago

Just bought onechambara ^^ judge me pls:P

Godmars290842d ago

At this point what game aren't you judged for? People who play Gone Home judge those who play GTA, multiplayer games judge singleplayers especially if they don't play multis with them, and speaking from my own perspective I certainly judge those who play FF13, admit to it's flaws, yet still defend it as a "good" game.

KentBenMei842d ago

Everyone should judge people who play Gone Home.

Chocoburger842d ago

I really liked FF13, it is a good game, judge me all you want. I won't let it affect me.

Godmars290842d ago

Yeah, thing is do you realize/admit that it -and only talking about the first game here- was the most linear entry in the whole of the franchise, that there was no narrative, that the characters did nothing but rather just moved from scene to scene and that as the player all you were allowed to do was move them from scene to scene?

Square made two other whole games to try and legitimize what they did with the first, and even then they distanced those efforts. Threw out whatever central theme it supposedly had. Lightning went from being a rebel -without a clue- to types of willing goddess/servant.

Featuring_Dante842d ago

Still complaining about a game that was made almost 7 years ago, and preaching it for that matter.
Life must suck pretty bad for you.

Youngindy21841d ago

I actually liked FF XIII. Enough to beat it and we all know Final Fantasy games are long.

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The story is too old to be commented.