'Xbox is a pc' says Bill Gates

After insisting the contrary with its first console, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has said that the Xbox is not just a game console but a "general purpose computer", as well as reaffrming the company's strong support of PC gaming.

Speaking to blog site Kotaku, Gates said that now that Microsoft has established itself as a gaming company, it feels more confident to branch out into other avenues such as the freshly-announced IPTV service for Xbox 360.

"The reason we got into Xbox was not just for gaming," Gates said. "It's a general purpose computer. In terms of the first generation in particular, where we were so known as a PC company, the need to make clear how we were prioritizing the needs of demanding gamers, that was super important."

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xfrgtr5437d ago

hahaha!!Where are you 360 fanatic fan boys who were critisizing the ps3 for not being a "pure" console game? What about the 360 being a general purpose computer? I do see some similarities between the ps3 and the 360 know,Microsoft is copying SONY big time because he knew that sony was preparing a multipurpose computer(ps3).

Gears5437d ago

I knew this, it has all of the comnponents of a PC, it is upgradeable like a PC. External Drives, software updates that fix issues and add new functions. Where are all of the Sony fanboy that have a PS3 with no IP-TV or Movie or TV show downloads? Live is the best Service ever created and all in one master of all.

TheMART5437d ago

One small but very important diffeerence Fx35.

XBOX and MS/Bill first get their position right on the things a console needs to. Gaming. After people are used to the new way of online gaming, they softly integrate new functions, like HD movie download service and IPTV.

They said all along the 360 will be the media centre. That already stated it would be more then gaming BUT gaming is still the biggest part in it.

Sony on the other hand promisses you'll get a computer. They forget about gaming. Their proposition is wrong. They don't have anything to back it up only installing Linux and other sh!t. But what can you actually do with it? Still only playing games on it, but it's not optimal for that also.

A bit of surfing maybe? I do that on my laptop/desktop

Where are the best games? on the 360
Does the PS3 have HD movie download? Nope, the 360 has
Does the PS3 have plans soon for IPTV? Nope, but the 360 has

Sony does nothing else but promissing and won't deliver. The PS3 is a computer, but you can't do anything more then play some games and install linux. Have fun with it dreaming and waiting, while 360 owners get stuff real time

BIadestarX5437d ago

Other points to help you understand:
Sony's marketting the PS3 as a computer, and a blu-ray player that can play games.

Microsoft's marketting the 360 as a game console that can do other things.

"Microsoft is copying SONY big time" ohh yeah, Sony released the PS3 first, they allowed you to download hd-movies, they allowed you to make games(xna), they will allow you to watch tv (IPTV) on the PS3 first. Can you point out what did microsoft copy from Sony? because the way it seems Sony is too busy trying to catch up with microsoft while microsoft it's adding more features to the 360.

unleash bass5437d ago (Edited 5437d ago )

MS & SONY are loosing their focus. I'm fairly sure that most people own a PC or Laptop as well as a console.

Personnally, I don't want to browse the internet, install Linux, download huge movies, etc...

I buy consoles because I want (most importantly) the best gaming experience I can. I think that all of these companines should stop trying to make these consoles everything to everyone. As the saying goes "Jack of all trades, master of none." most of these functions will always be better done on a PC so why try to compete with them.

They should re-focus on making these machine play the best games possible and surpass PC's in this area. Yes, we need on-line gaming because that's the future, but the other stuff can be left out.

If they continue down this path they will end up being PC's and not consoles, and I for one don't need two of them. I don't want to have to install the software for an age before playing or have to subscribe just to continue playing the same game I.E. Warcraft.


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