UGO Impressions from PAX: Velvet Assassin

UGO writes: "When I stopped by Gamecock's booth at PAX they invited me back behind some drawn curtains for a private demo of their upcoming stealth-action title, Velvet Assassin. I stepped into the room and immediately took notice of the gorgeous title screen that was running on the large TV in there. I don't normally pay much attention to many games' title screens. If I think about it, I'd say I tend to prefer the relatively simple ones. But what I saw there was a soft and vibrant, rendered moment in time.

A beautiful brown-haired woman is lying in a white hospital bed. Her eyes are open, but her expression is empty. The sunlight flowing in through white curtains diffuses throughout the room. The picture is a perfect image of calm. That is, until you stop intentionally ignoring the dark figure looming over this woman's bed, luger in hand. Or that silenced pistol that's resting right next her left hand."

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