UGO: Hands-On Little Red Riding Hood: Zombie BBQ

UGO writes: "Little Red Riding Hood: Zombie BBQ is a fun little distraction for the DS. It's probably the only game coming to the handheld that almost received an M rating, barely coasting in with a T instead. And it somehow manages to take the classic Grimm fairy tale and make it even more bizarre and unsettling.

The loose plot in Zombie BBQ begins after the events of the original tale. But it makes a few changes to the story to turn Red into the big breasted, short-skirted, gun-wielding heroine that she now is. Apparently, that Lumberjack never arrived on the scene to dispatch the cross-dressing wolf, so Red had to take matters into her own hands. "Matters" in this situation, would be a machine gun. With a newfound sense of confidence, Red returns to Fairy Tale Land but quickly discovers that it's been overrun with zombies. Cue gameplay."

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