Nintendo NX: 10 Wishlist Rumours That Must Come True

Morphing controllers, a return to cartridges and much, much more.

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DillyDilly2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Backwards Compatibility
Standard Controllers
Digital Game Downloads

All I want

_-EDMIX-_2943d ago

So basically the industry standard?

jcnba282943d ago

Uhm.. PS4 doesn't have BC and X1's BC is not true BC. Wii U is the only current console out now with true BC.

DillyDilly2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

If those things are not even options & its Nintendo's way or the high way (fuck Cartridges) like it was with the original Wii & standard controllers I just wont buy the NX

_-EDMIX-_2943d ago

in regards to

"Standard Controllers
Digital Game Downloads"

Godmars2902943d ago

And carts. Though given modern times I expect that it'll still need a HDD to act as a buffer for "patches" that are as large as the game. Likewise either a cart will have to have extra memory in order to cover patches and DLC, if there's no HDD, or Nintendo will have to mandate limits against such which really isn't going to fly with 3rd parties.

Zeldafan642943d ago

I'd be very surprised if Nintendo doesn't have at least a 500GB hard drive in the NX. Memory costs next to nothing to manufacture anymore.

UltimateMaster2943d ago

Soooooo many basic features are currently missing on Nintendo systems.
They don't want the competition to copy their idea so that is why they didn't show it at E3?
If they're idea is so easy to copy. What makes them think they won't copy it after it's launched?
If anything, it's Nintendo who should start copying Sony and Microsoft, especially on the online features.

Kalebninja2943d ago

BC costs extra money, it's not needed when they have other things that need attention they can just port the best of Wii U's library over.

The 10th Rider2943d ago

I think we can assume backwards compatibility is out the window. If they're going with cartridges and changing architecture, it would just be too difficult to implement.

Zeldafan642943d ago

I doubt they're changing architecture and I don't want them to.

Zeldafan642943d ago

Cartridges are so much better. Who do you work for, sony or microsoft?

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_-EDMIX-_2943d ago

I personally want it to just be a handheld that I could wirelessly play on my TV.

ScubaSteve12943d ago

So no where did he state about region free or virtual console games we get to keep instead of keep rebuying them


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