Sony: PlayStation Neo, PS4 Slim will be last upgrades for PlayStation 4 cycle

Sony has just confirmed that the PlayStation Neo and the PS4 Slim will be the last of the "upgrades" for the PlayStation 4, signaling they could be the end of the console's cycle.

There is no release date yet for the new PlayStation Neo and the PS4 Slim but they are expected to be released this year. The bad news is that Sony has denied that they are not releasing annual or bi-annual upgrades for the console as the two will be the last upgrades for their current PlayStation 4.

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Aloy-Boyfriend2934d ago

My U4 PS4 is already slim enough to get another slim. I Sony gets to release both versions this year, then it is gonna be prett intereting to see how consumers will approach both options. To me they just killed the incentive to get a slim with Neo.

naruga2934d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

if this generation lasts as little as Sony says ..would be the worst console generation ever by far, full of lame remasters and online only or subscriptions based garbage (Destiny, Division, Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront))....3 years now (half of the hypothesized console cycle) only 3 games worth playing on PS4 (bloodborne, U4, DS3 ) and none on Xone .... i m waiting full 10 year support on the fing PS4 because except NX not gonna buy any other console,VR or lame upgrade for the upcoming years just to shove money in their pockets...i know TLG , Horizon and others are coming and better be good or else f..k console gaming all together

Rimeskeem2933d ago

Yes consoles are really dying /s

The PS4 is on pace to outsell the PS2 right now which is the highest selling system ever. Don't give me that BS.

2932d ago
BattleAxe2932d ago

@ Rimeskeem

The PS4 will never hit 155 million units sold. This generation is moving so fast, that the PS5 will be out before the PS4 even has a chance to hit 80 million units.

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Saito2932d ago

@jess bruh u like da saddest pessimist on dis site dawg

Errorist762932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )


How many alternate accounts are you going to make btw?!
Buy a console first before you hate on them. Pathetic.

marioJP872932d ago

I agree about the remasters. Way too damn ridiculous and the slight improvements that you would have to compare it side by side to see is even more ridiculous.

MachuchalBrotha3162932d ago

You don't have a Xbox, so how would you know what games are worth playing? You talk all this shit about PS4 having all these great games, yet here you are saying there are only 3 games worth playing.😂 What a lame!

bouzebbal2932d ago

I understand your frustration but the doesn't have much to do with slim/Neo.
I have no idea what Neo will have extra, but i think we will know everything at their gamescom conference

donthate2932d ago Show

I would say games worth playing on Xbox are gears 4, halo 5, forza horizon 2, and tomb raider.

nitus102932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

If the PS5 is still based on x86_64 architecture and there is no reason why it won't, then it will support backwards compatibility and to a limited extent forward compatibility depending on the game. After all, not all games made today need a powerful processor, high capacity fast memory or even a high end graphics card.

It would make financial sense for the Neo to support three layer BluRay and HDMI 2 for people who want a 4k video player and there would only be minor changes to the PS4 production line. In addition, Sony has said all games that are developed must support the Neo and the PS4. As for a slim PS4, well it is possible but the console is pretty slim as it is now.

Sharky2312932d ago

Everybody forgets that the PS3 life cycle was the longest generation. Before then they lasted five years. Now everybody gets outraged to hear that this cycle will be like the rest! Tech moves so much faster now. There will be so many advances just in the next two years. The devs will need more power if they want to make great games!

BrianOBlivion2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

@ jessigirlbro

Your subjective use of "factually" turns your sentence into a lie.

Also, your dismissal of the opinions of an overwhelming majority who disagree with yours as fanaticism plus your affection for "exclusives" suggests a serious narcissistic sociopathy.

Trez12342932d ago

I've actually enjoyed this gen. I played more games compare to last gen in the same time frame. Last gen was almost multiplayer only. Especially the first few years.

Kingthrash3602932d ago

Dam why are people acting like they've announced a ps5 or something. They just said the slim and neo are the last upgrades. The said this gen would last about 10 years. Do I believe that? Not really but so far sony hasn't said otherwise and so I expect it will until further notice....if ps4 lasts another 7 year it'll sell more than ps2

jznrpg2932d ago

With xbox amd nintendo offering nothing game wise I agree. It would be total shot without Sony.

cd12932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

If you truly believe there are only 3 games worth playing on PS4 I suggest you re-think how you spend your spare time because you certainly aren't a gamer...try knitting or something.

@UltimateMaster \/ \/

I like the remasters, their like catch-up editions. How many Xbox gamers who bought a PS4 this time around, would have played the Uncharted series had it not been remastered? - my guess, not many.

I'm looking forward to Bioshock as I never played them...for some reason?

Scatpants2932d ago

You should probably just quit playing videogames. It sounds like you hate it.

UltimateMaster2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

I agree with the Remastered Games and how there's too many of them as well as the online subscription.
If anyone had the worst console tough, it's Nintendo. So many Remastered games yet none of them went on the Wii U.
There's such a great lack of support for Nintendo consoles it is not even funny.
Even Nintendo don't support their consoles anymore, they're into mobile now.
What makes any of us think the NX will be any different than the Wii U?

FPS_D3TH2932d ago

Only 3 games? Lmao go home, you're drunk.

Retroman2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Im with you bro . as a ol skool gamer i've stop gaming at ps3.... ps4 do not offer continuation ps1-ps2 games.
in 2006 open world anything games was great at the time but became bored in 2007 here it is 2016 Sony still pumping out outdated games from 2006. seem to me developers design a open world setting, slap on any title if it is Zombies or military, survival,horror you guys will buy it why??? it's the same dang game with different features. you played one military- zombie-survival game you basically played them ALL!!! back in 2006 i played Call of duty military survival game, a zombie survival game, battlefield game. they ALL felt the same. 2016 they all look the same (do not play those boring type of games anymore) why would i buy old 2006 open world games anymore?? i rather play Rayman legend -Ratchet and clank than same crap from 2006

now guys this my PERSONAL opinion.

noksucow732932d ago

You say none are worth playing on xbox 1? I guess that's your opinion, but have you tried Forza Horizon 2, Ryse, Halo 5, Quantam Break, Inside, Killer Instinct, or Sunset Overdrive? I don't mention Titanfall because it has no single player, and I believe your were speaking on single player . Also ROTR because it is timed. Those all are fun titles to me. Maybe except Sunset overdrive. I didn't care for that too much.

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DLConspiracy2931d ago

Poor Naruga. He's getting eaten by his own kind.

susanto12282931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

lol at all the downvotes...I'll be surprised if Sony PS4 lasts 10 years. I guess they are counting on the PS4 to dig sony out of that hole that their laptop/cellphone/television divisions have gotten them into all FAILS. Don't worry Sony fanboys will get them out of that hole.

indysurfn2931d ago

Don't let this article twist your view that PS4 is ending because Sony is not going to go crazy and make us upgrade every 1-2 years. Once is unusual and more than enough. For Xbox One or PS4, or NX for that matter.

Who wants to have A PS4 NEO followed by a PS4 NEO2, and a PS4 NEO3, etc.

Now I hope Microsoft follows suit! I don't want to have a Scorpio followed by a Xbox One Scorpio2, then Xbox One Scorpio3, etc.
By releasing a NEO and Scorpio this Gen will last LONGER. Because the tech is reset to current!

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Thatguy-3102934d ago

You can expect the slim to be 100$ cheaper than the Neo so in a way that's an incentive for a lot of people out there.