The Escapist PAX 2008: Mirror's Edge Hands-On

The Escapist writes: "Mirror's Edge is one of those titles that I absolutely want to love. I've been a huge fan of the concept since it was first announced, and the fact that it's a game that is actually trying to do something (relatively) new amidst a sea of sequels and knockoffs already gives it a number of points in My Book. If the game turns out to be an exceptional smash hit and instant classic, you would certainly count me in with the rest of the elated masses.

That said ... while I absolutely adore the concept, I'm all too aware that there are countless ways for Mirror's Edge to fail horribly in its execution thereof. So I couldn't help but feel a strange sense of anxiety when I took the controller for the PAX '08 Mirror's Edge demo in my hands, ready to put myself in the shoes of main character Faith and see for myself how well the concept held up in playable form."

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