Every Game Confirmed for PlayStation VR Launch So Far

With PlayStation VR launch ever nearing, we've rounded up all the games we know will be there on day one, October 13th 2016.

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JKSimmons1819d ago

The VR launch lineup is looking fantastic! Sony is really going all in for this.

thejigisup1818d ago

I am oddly really excited for music vr.

Rookie_Monster1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

That is IMO a mediocre launch lineup. Where is GT Sport and Driveclub VR? Almost all of those games are linear, short games that can be completed in an hour or two. Andrew House was telling the truth, it seems.

DeadlyOreo1818d ago ShowReplies(1)

If you don't like it, cancel your preorder... I don't understand your complaint. "A product I'm not going to enjoy because of the software!? Keeping my preorder though!"

Rookie_Monster1818d ago

All products are about software. That is why I got a PS4 as well. I preordered it early due to fear of limiting stocks this year and expecting a AAA launch title or two. GT Sport is the one I am looking forward to but it it not on the list. Probably will still keep my preorder but that still won't stop me of being unimpressed by this launch lineup list.

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Goldby1818d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Its not on the list (GT Sport) is because its not releasing in October. So what. Its not like you willbe justplaying psvr. Its an accessory, not a console.

And dont count in driveclub now that evolution isnt a team anymore.

It seems by your lsck on info or knowledge that you just commented for the fs t of commenting on a ps thread.

EDIT: i said "dont count on Driveclub now that evolution isnt a team anymore."

Evolution isnt a team anymore. Driveclub VR may still happen but it wont be the Driveclub we know

Rookie_Monster1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Actually Goldby,

I do do my homework.
"Driveclub VR has been filed with the Entertainment Software Rating Board, where it's been rated E for Everyone. These new signs of life give us hope that we'll see it in time for the launch of PlayStation VR, the PS4's virtual reality headset, this October."

That was made available on April 26th, way past the news of Evolution closured. I am expecting at least one racer for the PSVR launch but the list here is missing DRIVECLUB VR so you can see my disappointment.

So please do research as well before also falsely attacking me.

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Antnee5341818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Grab truismo is vr capable just when the game itself launches in november.

Also look into the rigs fps shooter that was a whole hell of a lot of fun. I feel like that is going to be the it tittle

IamTylerDurden11817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

GT Sport launches like a few weeks after PSVR, so technical it's not a launch title, but it's damn close.

Also, these are only the CONFIRMED games. Considering we are still nearly 4 months from launch there will definitely be more games added to the list.

Rigs is a full game with dozens of hours of gameplay, enjoy.

I expect Eve Valkyrie to be a launch title, GT Sport releases Nov 13, Rigs is a full length AAA, VR Worlds will provide hours of entertainment, and Robinson The Journey is a beautiful AAA looking experience.

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Relientk771818d ago

Robinson: The Journey

that's what I want

Errorist761818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Like any other platform early adopters are going to moan for sure...Like always it's just clever to wait another year so that's what I'll do.

Majin-vegeta1818d ago

Rigs day one baby!!Im hoping somewhere down the line Koei makes a Dynasty warriors VR game.

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