PS3 Europe launch "on track for March"

Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, has once again re-stated Sony's European launch plans for the PS3, confirming that its on schedule for March.

"We're equally strong in all three markets. We can't afford to sacrifice any one of them," Tretton said.

This news follows speculation that the console will suffer further delays - although such has already been dismissed by Sony's Euro boss as being "without foundation."

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super bill5244d ago

yeah right.i beleive it when i see it considering its from a company that never keep its launch date.

Microsoft Master5244d ago

I will play the waiting game. March is looking alright for euro launch, but i reckon April/May really...

shikwan5244d ago

Yea...that's what they said at last year's CES. "We're still ON TRACK for a Spring 06 launch". And the fanboys went nutz! Sony knows their fanboys are sooo stupid they don't even make an effort to upgrade their lies.

malachi235244d ago

Does anyone in Europe care when we all have the Xbox360?!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.