Dragon Ball Super x One Piece Film Gold Crossover in DB Heroes

Goku from Dragon Ball Super and Luffy from One Piece, they go head-to-head and then team up in a brand new trailer for Dragon Ball (DB) Heroes.

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Game4r2460d ago

I'd love to see Luffy in Xenoverse 2!

gangsta_red2459d ago

Seriously I think only One Punch Man could actually fight Goku at his current level in the Super series.

KentBenMei2459d ago



Luffy couldn't even take Saiyan Saga Goku. A Kaioken x3 Kamehameha would be too fast to dodge and too strong to stop. Luffy better chalenge early Dragon Ball's Kid Goku if wants to have a shot, bud.

thatguyhayat2459d ago

Saitama was created tp never be beaten hes a parody character you could put all the anime characters against him he'd still win