Prince of Persia Limited-Edition Box Art Revealed has first public images of the Prince of Persia Limited Edition box art. They've got both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Looks very Oblivion-esque....

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AAACE53724d ago

It does remind me of oblivion! But I think this will be a great game, and the first PoP game I have played in a while!

I liked Sands of time, and only played a little of the second one before I got bored. I think this one will be different enough to grab my attention!

Perjoss3724d ago

dont know why they are calling these things 'limited edition' recently you can buy these so called limited editions a very long time after they have been released, thats not really all that limited tbh, just call them what they are, collectors edition, or special edition.

jay23724d ago

Yeah, very Oblivion like, as to limited, you're right perjoss un-limited in a nice box edition.