Console Monster: Castle Crashers Review

Console Monster writes: "When a game begins with a character head-banging to medieval music, you know you're in for something special. Castle Crashers is just that. The game has adopted the humour and a lot of the characteristics that featured in Behemoth's previous Xbox LIVE Arcade title, Alien Hominid; from the side-scrolling to the easy to pick-up-and-play controls.

Castle Crashers puts the player in the place of one of four knights, each a different colour and each specializing in one of the four areas: strength, magic, defence and agility. Playing through the story mode whilst defeating the enemies with each knight gains experience points which contribute to boosting the knight's level. At every level gained, players unlock attribute points which can be added to one of the four areas in order to increase the knight's abilities.

Another feature that affects your knight's abilities is the choice of weapon. If you choose a heavier weapon it's likely to drop your agility attributes, though it is also likely to give your strength attributes a boost. Weapons are unlocked via deceased enemies dropping them, discovery in treasure chests or on occasions purchased. Once collected, weapons are stored at the blacksmiths in the belly of a giant fish – a bizarre plaice for weapon storage though vaguely adds to the game's humour. As well as weapons, players also discover pets which give the player a boost in one of the four attribute areas. I rarely required my pets help during the story mode and therefore found the majority of the pets to be a little pointless..."

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