What's Up with the Nintendo Wii? writes "Anyone noticed the recent dearth of intriguing, headline-grabbing games for the Nintendo Wii? Some 555,000 little white boxes leapt off store shelves in July U.S. sales, according to NPD data, and Nintendo certainly did brisk top 10 software sales with Wii Play, Mario Kart, and Wii Fit. But look a little closer -- those three games came out in February, April, and May, respectively. Scan July's top software SKUs and the 360 and PS3 snatched five spots between NCAA Football 09, Soul Calibur IV, and Civilization Revolution -- all July releases."

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Intrepid3724d ago

Yay!! Another All vs. Wii blog. Brilliant.

2009 looks amazing for the Wii btw... probably should've been mentioned...

Julia Bond3724d ago

amazing if you dont like playing games....



IzKyD13313724d ago

holy crap, new info has been announced on kid icarus!

Intrepid3724d ago

Tee hee hee!! You're hilarious, Julia Bond!

steveg25643724d ago

This stuff is getting tired. Instead of a positive article about great games coming to other systems, which is what it should have been titled, it turns into a bash fest. If something is good let it speak on its merits. You don't have to bash one console to make a positive point about another console. I'll always be amazed at comments like the one by Julia Bond (above). If you don't care that much about the Wii or any console for that matter, why would you take the time to comment?

Killjoy30003724d ago

It's drowning in a sea of lifeless, lackluster titles, and poorly designed new IPs with tacked-on motion control, which, in all, is being helmed by developers straight out of college.

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The story is too old to be commented.