Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Preview – Not just Sci-Fi Action (GamersBliss)

Walking into the Infinite Warfare demo room at E3 2016, things were different than ever before. It was apparent that the audience was skeptical. Infinite Warfare is marking persistence in a change to a series that so many gamers held dear to them. Fans are at odds.

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TheSuperior 2454d ago

Hate everything about the way this looks. Its not Call of Duty its a knock off of Star Wars or something. Only thing good about Infinite Warfare is that COD 4 remastered is coming out and they cant even do that right by releasing it with deluxe edition only.

Blacksand12453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Can we go back to MW2 or MW3 when boots was on the ground. Were going to far into the future.

GrayFox2082453d ago

We're always going further into the future. You can't stop it.