TrustedReviews: Samsung PS50A556 50in Plasma TV Review

Samsung's attitude towards the whole thorny plasma vs LCD debate is refreshingly non-partisan. Basically, so long as there are people out there wanting to buy both technologies, Samsung will continue to sell both as well. There's none of this 'trying to force you to go one way or the other' nonsense championed by many rival brands.

Having said that, there's no doubt that the majority of Samsung's marketing push with its latest screens has been focussed on its LCD rather than its plasma contenders. Most specifically the sumptuously designed 'hint of red' A656 LCD models, numerous examples of which have performed very nicely in recent TrustedReviews tests.

So it's with some curiosity that TrustedReviews get their hands on Samsung's PS50A556: the first plasma TV we've seen from the Korean mega-corps in some time. Will this turn out to be one of Samsung's best-kept secrets, or will the brand's relative silence about its plasma screens be joined by a luke-warm performance?

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Cartesian3D3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I think its one of the worst new Plasma TV s around :P ..

if you want the best price performance, go and buy a Panasonic th-50pz800u (th-50py800 in asia I think) ... the new Pz850 from panasonic isnt better than this one (from CNET review)

and if you want even more DEEP black level(you cant notice the difference between this and panasonic easily) but less accurate colours go and buy Pioneer Kuro second generation pro-151FD.btw Pioneer have the best anti-reflection coat for their Plasma TVs (but with 2000$ more!!!, so its not worthy)

for LCD I recommand that wait till fall and buy a LED backlight LCD (Sony,samsung,LG .. all of them will have LED backlight models) , because recent LCD TVs cant produce same black level as Pioneer&panasonic Plasma TVs..